Why dont my 97 hyundai elantra have any power?

by Guest7392  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I have been facing the problem in the power supply to motors of windows of my Hyundai Elantra 1997 model for many days. I do not know how to fix it. Please help in repairing it.

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  1. James Augustus

    Power windows of automobiles depend on their motor to move up and down. When the motor faces expires or there is problem in their power supply then the windows will not open or close. This is really frustrating and makes driving challenging and difficult. Here are few steps to fix your window motors power supply:

    Disconnect negative battery cable from your car's motor. See for the battery close to front left side under the bonnet or hood.
    Take off the interior door panel. Remove any trim parts and set them aside before unscrewing any screws or bolts. Rock and pry the door panel loose from the getting clear of brackets after removing any screws holding it in place.
    Now remove the power door lock wiring cables and the power window wiring cables.
    Check the power window wiring with a multi-meter. This will let you know about the problem with the power window motor. Also test the switch wiring to see if ere is the problem.
    It is good to check the fuses that are attached with the power windows. Check them if they require replacing.
    Take off the power window motor by loosening the retaining bolts that connect it to the door.
    Replace the motor and check it with the multi-meter to confirm that it is functioning properly before placing the door back together.

  2. Guest5109287
    I have a 97' elantra, had the same problem. The injectors were dirty and there was water in the fuel tank, check for these items. Mine worked after, lots of power for that car.

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