Why don't Matt and Gunnar Nelson ever do shows in Texas?

by Guest11386128  |  10 years, 4 month(s) ago

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I know people in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, etc. that would LOVE to go to a Nelson show.

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  1. Guest11497529
    Well, then Texas is where they need to be. That state has more car shows, fairs, festivals,and small clubs than anywhere! I'd bet that at any given week, there is a festival of some sort going on somewhere in the state of Texas.

  2. Guest11465925
    Matthew and Gunnar are not in the same league as the Kenny Chesney's (whom is retirig for a year or more from touring), Tobi Keith's, Keith Urban's whom all play more prestigious places; Matthew and Gunnar play anyplace they want them---small clubs, state fair, car shows--wherever they could get an audience. Just recently they played in Clovis, New Mexico. Besides, Matthew has written songs for various television shows, and Gunnar does other songwriting in Nashville.
  3. Guest11444896
    Probably because most of their shows are at casinos and there are no casinos in Texas since gambling is outlawed in that state. Good question, though. I mean, Texas is a huge state with alot of musical history and music fans. You'd think they could get other gigs, there.

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