Why don't you bring all those politicians (MNA's and MPA's) in your show now to face the nation?

by uRehman  |  9 years ago

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Who will answer us? All you respectable journalists are analyzing but don't have answers. Why are we kept in dark regarding current operation in Abbotabad? Kindly bring the truth in front. Are we that much incompetent?

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  1. ZZ

     We are not that much incompetent but surely our leaders in fact leaders in Pakistan are not competent to answer any one. They can simply reply to those questions which are being raised against them by other politicians. We are't in any consideration the government is in the hands of those people who don't have any sort of self respect so they can never pay any respect to public. I mentioned this thing many times that they are just in government to grab as much wealth as they can and after the completion of the the government they will fly away from Pakistan and live luxurious life in some European country or in America. 

    We have to stand on our own and have to bring an end to these politicians who are in my books not even humans. They don't have words to answer the public. And Army is also included in all this the higher ranked officers are being trained in America not in Pakistan. So the work basically for them not for us. 
    Now we have two options either we can join together and stand up against these animals or the second option is that we can stay silent the way we are presently. 
    Pakistan is bestowed with abundant resources and we are still begging entire world to lend Pakistan with some handsome amount so that these politicians can fill up their mouths. America has created such an environment in Pakistan that is is rather impossible for us to gather along side of each other. They are dividing us and we knowingly are still following them. So we are also playing a part in all this drama. 
    America is now planing to go against Pakistan that is why the senate members in America had starting Barking against our country. They think that Pakistan is like Afghanistan but they will soon realize what power lies with in Pakistan. 
    If America would have killed Osama in Abbottabad then they would have shown his body to the entire world. And that is the real way when ever you kill the chief of the enemy then you show his body to the entire world so that others can get lesson but nothing like this took place. And the body was moved from Pakistan to Depths of sea. Lolx. 


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