Why Barry never comes to Canada

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I have been waiting for years to hear that Barry Manilow is doing a concert tour in Canada. I am still waiting. I live in Southern Ontario in Hamilton, not far from Toronto. There are several venues to accommodate him and his band. Did Barry, at some time, have a bad experience here that puts him off coming to Canada? I would love to see him in concert and I know of many others who feel the same as I do.

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  1. Harry

    The official explanation is that the tour schedules are usually arranged as ticket demand decreases and it may well be that projected ticket sales does not prove to be high enough. This is often reflected in artists’ record sales in certain regions. However, Barry holds his hands up and perhaps does not know himself that why Canada has not been included in recent tours. Usually by the end of the kind of mammoth tours Barry takes on, he is not aware of where he has and has not been. Simple truth is that Barry goes where his management arrange for him to appear. So it really is not anything personal on Barry's part. My advice to you and all the Canadian fans is that they should be writing to Garry Kief at the BMIFC and voice their opinion. One thing is for sure that Barry is aware of Canada's need to see him and has mentioned it at past conventions. There is a possibility that any next tour may turn out to be of Canada. 

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