Why does my husband enjoy wearing babyish plastic pants to bed

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Why does my husband enjoy wearing babyish plastic pants to bed

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  1. Guest28430527

     Probably because he was made to wear them for a bedwetting problem when he was young and feels secure in them. Many bedwetters developed fetishes for baby pants from being forced to wear them

  2. Guest28428363

     My husband of 25 years gets so erect and is so s**y in his babyish nursery print rubber pants andloves to rubbed in them after we have s*x. The s*x is way better when he is to be put babyish rubber pants 

  3. Guest28428347

     I'm a man and I love the feeling of pl


    I'm a man that has enjoyed wearing baby style plastic pants  (rubber pants) for many years  i developed it when my mother humiliated me in front of neighbors putting on me telling me I was a baby. The more she did it to me the more I liked it. I had my first o****m in baby pants and still enjoy them the more babyish the better I like them




  4. Guest28424999

    I dont know about your husband,but my 15 year old daughter like to wear the babyish plastic pants to bed every night and she is not a bedwetter! 

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