Why does my anti-spyware program say Alexa is a Trojan?

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I installed a new antivirus and it shows that Alexa is a Trojan. Is it so? What should I trust Alexa or the antivirus program?

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    When you install the Alexa Toolbar, part of the installation is actually the installer itself. (This remains on your system in order for you to keep the uninstaller.) It is this component of the Alexa Toolbar package that is detected by these applications. The false positive is documented on the website of the manufacturer of this Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). The Alexa Toolbar installation does not contain a Trojan Horse virus and is safe to use. Despite that this has been documented as a false positive, some applications still erroneously identify the NSIS component of the Alexa Toolbar and other software as a threat. If yours is among them, you might wish to notify the manufacturers of your security software that they are erroneously detecting safe installs as threats.

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