Why does black box appear on my Mitsubishi TV with letters or code typed and changed frequently

by Guest19029660  |  9 years, 6 month(s) ago

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A large black box that covers about 2/3 of the screen comes up on my older 64" screen non lcd HDtv mitsubishi and random letters and numbers start coming across it like they are being typed live. The letters, numbers and colors, etc change frequestly, and they become underlined and often symbols are used. The weird thing is, it happens different times of day and night but seems to mostly only happen when I'm watching one of the different star trek shows like Next Generation, Voyager, etc. I used to say it was haunted but now I'm laughingly saying that the aliens are trying to contact me! It sounds like I'm making the Star Trek part up, but I'm not, for a good while now, it has only happened during that one show and I watch all three versions and they come on at different times. I also watch it when they have marathons which means they are on for hours at a time, so it isn't time or heat related, I sometimes watch it early in the day. I can send a photo of it to someone if it will help. It is seldon in words that are recognizable. It is a projection TV, I think, the inner projection, not the kind that sits across the room from it. And I guess its about 8 years old, still in perfect condition other than this. I have my Comcast DVR, DVD player, WII and a surround sound system that I never turn on hooked up to it.

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