Why does Rockey drink straight Egg yoke?Should i do the same.

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I want to know about the benefits of eating eggs,are the beneficial,are their any harm in eating too much egg.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Egg do have certain benefits and they should be a part of our daily life diet.But it depends upon your physical activity.If you are doing some kind of body building or some kind of physical work then egg can benfit you as it contains nutrients necessary for the health of your body.In the movie Rocky ate 8 eggs but first of all it was a movie,it doesn’t mean that you should do the same in your daily life.
    It is not advisable to eat 8 eggs in a day anywhere.Specially if you do not have any kind of physical activity going in your daily life then you should avoid taking too much eggs in your diet.Because egg contain too much cholestrol and only a certain amount is required in your body,otherwise excess amount can cause a blockage in you veins that might stop the proper amount of blood moving through your veins and can cause heart problems.So do not take too much cholesterol until and unless you burn a certain amount of that level in your heart.

  2. Guest2380
    Pure Protein in a soluble form will metabolise quicker than cooked eggs. You should definitely drink it with milk and Milo, its an excellent super quick source of energy in the morning. Very good for recovering patients who can not masticate. I still have it occassionally - esp. if I know I won't have lunch till much later in the day and have to get moving fast. And by the way, you can't even taste the egg.

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