Why do my chrome bumpers have rust spots on new 2010 Dodge Ram

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Why do my chrome bumpers have rust spots on new 2010 Dodge Ram

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  1. Guest27974597

    Logical reason why the chrome is rusting, look this up if you do not believe me, it's from the brake dust in the air from your brakes and from other vehicle brakes, as brake pads are made of steel the steel particles leaving your brake pads go in the air then settle on the ground where your vehicle picks up the debris, this is more noticeable in the north where more moisture snow and other debris such as calcium are put on the road to melt snow, so no matter what product you drive and if it has chrome it will rust, what you can do to avoid this and keep up the beauty of your chrome is simply polishing it, try it then your comments will be more positive. Also if you think your chrome is junk then why can the rust be rubbed off, if the metal is c**p then the rust would be formed from within the chrome and not on the surface as well your paint will also have rust spots especia;;y more noticeable on white vehicles, it's all from your brake dust.

  2. Guest26208066

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  3. Guest26169206

    Yep bumpers and the step rails, I'm buying Chev after this piece of junk.

  4. Guest25012074

    2011 dodge ram laramie is also rusting at the back, they replaced it once and told me that it was from stones and that i was to purchase mud flaps to protect it. 2 weeks later there is rust forming in the very front of the back bumper where it meets the box of the truck. stone chips my a*s! 

  5. Guest24650014

     I have a 2010 Dodge ram 1500.  I started to see major rust spots on both sides of the back bumper and on the front bumper.  After looking at my Ram Embelem on the tailgate i also noticed it was peeling and flaking off as well... Pissed off i went to a dealer here in Canada and they mentioned Dodge knew about this and have replaced several 2010 model bumpers in the past.  Apparently they made a bunch of low quality bumpers with low grade chrome for the 2010 models.. After taking some pictures and sending them off to the Dodge dealer in the states for further approval.  I found out they are replacing both bumpers and the Ram Embelem for free with a much higher quality grade Chrome bumper... 

    Wayne in Canada....

  6. Guest23203364

    I have a 2010 Dodge Ram Truck (bought in June 2010) and the front & back bumpers are rusting and have pit marks. Dealership here in PA said Chrysler is not replacing them and they are to buff out the rust. That's a load of c**p! All that money for a new truck with junk bumpers!

  7. Guest23154249

    I have a 09 SLT my bumpers both front and back are rusting went to dealership they said Chrysler would not replace them or do anything, I called Chrysler Canada and the customer service lady was useless.

    She said the field rep denied the claim because I am 9 thousand km over my bumper to bumper warranty and that there was notghing that could be done and the decision was final.

    I told her my truck has been in many times for recalls why was this not addressed then when the dealer had it. So am now fighting with them to see what they will do.

  8. Guest23119864

     also have 2011 the front and back chrome is rusting , thay say it from stone chips and it s not covered , just got in jan this year , 

  9. Guest23098688

    I live in georgia. nothing rusts here. i bought a dodge ram 1500 chrome edition and love it! i used to live in ohio and hate that everything rusts up there eventually. i have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee with zero rust anywhere on it. looking to sell it so i can get my wife a new one. chrome edition!

  10. Guest23097308

     My dealer in Fargo, ND told me it is covered under recall so you are good to go just go in and be nice to them they will take care of you. Chrysler will not be bullied if you are nice to them they will take care of you if you freak out on them they will not waste their time. I once had a gas tank replaced by Chrysler on a 05 Durango with 100,000 miles because even though it was not part of a recall it did the same thing as the ones that were. Dodge will take care of you just go in and stop worrying.

  11. Guest22684996

    My front bumper on my 2008 Ram is rusting too.  Dealer will only buff and clear coat it.  And Chrysler backs that up, they will not replace it.

  12. Guest22591704

     my bumper rusted after the first week of ownership! am on the process of trying contact dodge to see if they will replace it..... i will keep you posted

  13. Guest22440339

    I'm having the same problem on the '06 Ram 1500 I just bought in June.  ONLY the front bumper.  From the first day I noticed it, it's gotten worse every day.  In just 2 weeks, the rust has doubled.  Today I used some Chrome polish and easily removed the rust, but I know from past experiences it will be back in a week or two.  I wish I could afford an aftermarket Off Road bumper. 

    One of the first things I did was clay bar the whole truck, then polish, then wax.  Paint still looks great.

  14. Guest20424265
    Mine too. Purchased it in December 09, noticed it soon after. It is a 2010 model. Also have rust spots on all painted surfaces. Service manager says might be rail rust. A different service guy says maybe rust from my brakes. I ask why then is my seat bolt rusty and my door seal. They are replacing my bolt, seal, bumpers (both rusty) clay barring painted surfaces and my truck will start in gear (shouldn't) and sometimes just won't go into gear (should). ARGH!!!
  15. Guest19284966
    I have a 2009 dodge ram crew cab lone star edition and rust all around the truck from bumpers to embles.Lets make dodge fix our brand new trucks WE MUST COMPLAIN TO DODGE DEALERSHIP
  16. Guest19194081
    I have talked with the dealer, they said that the warranty replacment bumper rusted aswell. They said dodge is thinking of what to do. Most likley new run of bumpers that have been properly chromed, then they will call or send a letter out to book in the truck. Dodge will pay the dealer to replace them, so it's in there best intrest to call all customers with effcted trucks. Mine is a 2009 Laramie, grill and bumpers rusting.
  17. Guest19055535
    I have the same issue. They buffed the bumper. Looked good from a week then rust reappeared.
  18. Guest19055535
    I have the same issue. They buffed the bumper. Looked good from a week then rust reappeared.
  19. Guest18394694
    I have a 2010 ram 4 mths old with rust on the bupers and some pitting on the body. THey claim rail dust. I have owned 7 dodge Rams and never seen this. I currently have a complaint in with Chrysler. We need to stick together and have them replace our bumpers. I have a Laramie and paid $50 K for the truck. They need to do something!.
  20. Guest17696158
    I have 4K miles on my 2010 Dodge Ram. The bumpers are starting to rust, some spots are as large as a dime.
  21. Guest17420117
    I think there should be a recall on all 09, 10 bumpers, it seems most if not all Rams have this problem. This completely unacceptable. BUYER BEWARE..
  22. Guest16986402
    Does tsunami goes along with earthquake.
  23. Guest16986326
    Mine are the same
  24. automd
    I don't know any known issue about the chrome bumper rusting but I believe this one is made up of plastic. It could be rail dust from the place it was shipped. Have you tried contacting the dealership?
  25. Guest16835760
    I don't know, and mine is rusting too!!

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