Why do most Black people stink like garbage?

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Why do most Black people stink like garbage?

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  1. Guest28383835

     Niggers are worthless , and their lives DONT matter, white Power!! KKK FOREVER!

  2. Guest28383816

      Blacks aren't even human, they are animals, they are filthy , white woman rapists, blacks make up for 98% of rape against white women. They should be caged or exterminated 


  3. Guest28332772

     This is the greatest thread ever. I hate white devils and darkies. I hope all of you roast in h**l. -Asian Boy1

  4. Guest28323409

     lol at the stupid black mothers with 4 s**t kicker black kids that will grow up stealing t.v.s and punching news reporters on national televison. no one cares about your little kids because its your d**n parenting that turns those niggers into apes so how about you give each of your 4 kids a book and teach them some proper education. dont let your kids turn into gorrillas make them educated black men and women. 

  5. Guest28322165
    why should i not hate blacks as a white person.  They commit more rapes assaults and murders on whites like 28 to 30 times more. When the whites gave blacks the power in South Africa giving the ANC power the negros thanked whites for giving them equality by excluding whites from gaining employment and specifically only hired blacks. Its called the black empowerment act. Not only that but most of you probably dont know when all these whites lost their jobs soon they lost everything they had and the ANC has thrown these whites into things calle squatter camps and left them to die with no outside food or water allowed to be donated to these people who were forced into poverty by a racist black goverment. They leave these folks to die thats even worse than slavery.White  Men and women and children
    You blacks have been getting away with horrible crimes on whites for far to long


  6. Guest28322165
    it must be understood that the negro is that of a sub race especially when it comes to being a productive member of a society of people. It doesnt matter where you go black people have created a s**t hole of a community there. I would say they are a primitive race. I dont find them funny or look up to them because they are mostly horrible peoplewho do a lot of fucked up s**t to people and have no accountability. You all do not belong in our society your a bunch of savage gorillas. always starting problems , rapist, murderers. Look how you destroyed South Africa within twenty years of apartheid ending. White people even give you a great country and you ignorant fuckers destroy it. f**k BLM
    I bet a mexican wrote this question about blacks smelling like s**t
  7. Guest28282226

    Big lipped cotton pickin pube haired antique pieces of farm of equipment that belongs in a barn for pigs. That's what a n****r is. A n****r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  8. Guest28261093
    First of all smell is a illusion, and when you die you will see that, white people came from caves, remember the black death,in Europe, them they migrated all over the world spreading diseases. This is why if you look up animal s*x it's only white people, it's their nature. Some white people stink some brown people stink, it's not a race thing its a individual thing, all who posted negative comments are worthless and miserable people. If someone stinks,who cares,are they less of a person? Are you better than them, maybe that the aroma they were born with in this incarnation. If you don't like there smell just stay away from them. Now white people started nothing, if you go back to the start of civilization in Egypt you will only see brown people,THE GOD OF EGYPt OSIRIS IS a Black man who all your illuminatzis are trying to simulate, don't you see the Washington Monument, Osirus Phallus ,come on, The Moors came and civilized your ancestors in Europe, then Europeans went on a massacre spree, only a tyrant would do to people what they have done to many civilization, and you say Africans were sitting on a gold mind and didn't know it, wrong, Mansa Musa was the greater king 👑 ever, no one could get any gold,diamonds,elaphant tusks and much more without seeing him, shows how stupid some people can be but white and Arabs wanted what they had so they decided to team up and massacre and rape Afrika and there women and children, don't forget were your name comes from, the Caucus mountains, Caucasian, The moors civilized you and taught you how to talk, wash up and the whole nine, I not on anyone's side, just telling the truth, and as far as drugs go, The white mafia and foreigners from the countries that had a sees to those drugs started that,and now the illuminazi government is selling more drugs than ever but you choose to blame a brown brother on the street corner,WoW, how ignorant can you be, put the blame where in should be. White savages killed of a whole nation of Africans and black Indians,sad.Some whites not all are just savage money hungry terrorist but you wanna blame brown people, you tell me, when have brown people ever killed of races millions of people for there resources in all fair in war no, there are rules and savages break them. People are on hear just talking but no nothing, blacks where inslaved for 400 years, maybe that why some smell, deprived of there very freedom,treated like s**t,on the boats they were brought over on they were chained and never let to go to the bathroom thus,shitting all over each other and I'm pretty sure it didn't get and better when they came to America but even though Blacks were in America way before whites came out the caves, Check out the Black Nobility Families, you couldn't get anything without Africans, that's why all people from around the world came to Africa, and still do to see the great structures Afrikans build, that this Europeaon can't even do today, but you say Africans contributed nothing, wrong, they were the first to contribute and the Europeons imulated every thing they did in America, just look at Washington, d**n people can be so stupid, and if your on this site you probably have a smell to you but be proud because its not about how you smell, it's about how is your heart, who cares what some fool is saying about you we are all gonna loose this nasty body in the end anyway so be happy and do the best you can to stay fresh, maybe a green diet will help you smell better😊 try it. If we don't take showers we all stink, some just smell different from other , that doesn't mean you stink, you just have a smell that its pleasing to some others, some one may say the same about them, so cut all the bs out and start loving people for who they are not there smell or race, there are bad black and bad black, who the f**k is to say one is better than the other, but if we did on the larger scale white would get the gold hands down.😊 be happy with who you are, and if someone make a comment or a face at you smile at them and keep it moving, obviously anyone who is trying to bring you down like that is unhappy with their own life like most people on hear, live your life and stop hating, and last but not lest I want all you racist whites who can't even take the he's of the sun which gives life to everything,smfh, it gives you skin cancer,why because you where a creation of the Blackman Yacub,not a original people to go back to The BLACK DEATH in Europe and find out your try filfy ancestor origins and tell me,how brought all the pestilence to the blacks and black Indians and killed them of with disease, and tell me I'm loan. All disease came from Europeans and also, when all your filfy ancestors were raping are black women we all gained apart of your filfyness, maybe that's why some blacks stink, from your nasty savage ancestors get are Queens pregant so you could get melinin, the got particle to withstand the sun, whites on this site and you ancesors make me sick to see what you have done to are country, Yakub should have never created you, plus you were the first servants, go look up the bbooks on when Whites were servant or slaves to black original Royal families,now the fake a*s illuminatzis are trying to wear are etire, head dresses and the whole nine, ILMFAO, you disgust me. Space is dark, the sun it black though it may seen white until you stare at in long enough or go out of space, the moon is white but its really black because it is a reflection of the sun son.Whites are Johnny come lates but we ruled since 10000 BC here of this planet so Europeans can have it now, it's was all propheced that they would take over but its been less than a couple of hundred years and look at the mess they made out of America slavery,war, money hungry killing machines, p**n, a debt that will never be payed of until blacks regain there sadistic mind from a indoctrinated mind set of the Europe on which will be soon, to all black prepare yourselves to rule once again because the European is take all the resources from inside the plant that it need to survive because of there sadistic Reese monkey nature, yes Yacub mix breeded them with the Reese monkey,All blacks come from Sirus A. Even Darwin showed you the white Europeans evolution from monkey to mankind not man, look at the picture, plus while whites though the world was flat in 1492, Black Adricans in Egypt had already layed out the cosmos, but we contributed nothin, please get the facts straight. If you stink or not it doesn't matter because you are only hear for a short time though it may seem long, then all blacks go back to paradise if they are prepared to go but this is as far as the mankind Europeon can go,they will incarnate back hear, and they are trying to keep you hear with them, gain as much knowledge you can less you parish like they do. You are suppose to smell in this h**l we live in, The creator didn't invent soap but we should try to stay as clean as possible but you see what I mean😉If you wanna know the truth do research and stop worrying and trying to defend yourself about what a hater said the people that choose you be around you are the real ones who except you weather they like your scent or not, f**k anyone else, Right😉 People smell different so one persons smell will be different to each person even though you can smell a homeless person pretty sting but besides that it is different for everyone, stress can also cause on to give off a different smell, Try the local steam room to relieve toxins because that all it is, your not any less than on that has no odor, BE HAPPY and smile and laugh in front of a hater😅 Get control of your emotions and f**k what a stupid human has to say, we all die and lose this filfthy body, this is not are original state, we are sports and all spirits smell good😊
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  10. Guest28246852
    I say blacks are known for raping and killing crack heads dirty as mother fuckers who should stay in jail cause they like to get a*s fucked and instead of a*s f*****g people they need to learn how to pick up a bar of soap and shampoo and conditioner and clean their nasty funky a*s.
  11. Guest28201079

     I love how you can tell every black person commenting because the spelling is horrible makes no sense.

  12. Guest28170833

     Well all jokes and foul language aside negros have never had a culture or civilization they have been in Africa for all if this earth age 14,000 years and haven't contributed anything positive to the world or have invented anything .negros were sitting on fortunes of gold and oil and diamonds in Africa. Never once learned to mine anything. Never built any house other than a straw hut.blacks were here before white people as Asians were too.white people are from Adam and Eve.the other races are dog races as jesus called them in the bible. Everyone is jealous of the white mans favor and prosperity from The Lord and jews are not gods chosen people the isrealites are. Which are white people or Semites.not those hook nosed kinky haired people descended from Cain.negros act like animals .

    asians were 

  13. Guest28167614

    It's true.  This man stinks.

  14. Guest28167409

    Black people do stink! That is a fact! Oh! another fact is that white people created this earth and the majoirty of black people still liv eon dirt naked and stupid and worthless and penniless, need i go on in Africa.

    The only "humanized" Blacks are the ones that have been around civilized people. Sure they were slaves because they were used to fighting wild animals and eating tree bark.

    Black people no matter how cultured they think they are cant fight the stigma of being a stinky black. Even if they achieve success they are still a stink black, ex. Mike Tyson , kayne monkey, need I go on. Oh! hey commit over 50 of all crime,

  15. Guest28162103
    You sick a*s racist white people are the epitome of ignorance. Be aware of and remember that you are nothing but a mutation. You are the virus of the earth and you're killing us all, including yourselves, which makes you insane. You smell like wet dogs when you're wet. Get over yourselves. You have what you have because you are a murderous, evil and soulless people. You are the spawn of the beast. Your time is limited your day is coming. You evil and will soon self-destruct. You're hatred only fills the whole of ignorance in your head. You're filthy and disgusting. The difference between you racists dogs and the other white people on the earth is you have no soul and you can easily be spotted. There are some great white people on this earth and to you pray for your well-being. The rest of you disenfranchised crackers can kills my black a*s.
  16. Guest28158492

     13% of the population. 98% of the problem. If they put the same effort into showering as they do destroying everything they touch they wouldn't smell like sh**!

  17. Guest28147767

     Nasty a*s lil monkey b*****s wtf wrong wif you monkey a*s?

  18. Guest28137063

     Plz.plz plz just shut the f**k up  black people smell the same as.whites an some.blacks have wonderful music like mary mary so want your daughters or sons to listen to something look that up an find something  to do.better.that criticize the black race.



  19. Guest28132190

     Because they are not human!  Angry subhuman apes!!!

  20. Guest28131081

     What a stupid question! I can't believe it's even accompanied by ignorant answers! Amazingly, all the white people that commented don't care to even acknowledge that they smell like DOGS whenever they get wet, including after a shower, so they always SMELL BAD. That's why white people live with so many aninmals. They can't smell any difference between them. Amazing indeed. 

  21. Guest28130404
    Have you ever considered the fact that people, both black and white are sick and tired of being terrorized by angry black people? I can't even walk down the street without being terrorized by sexual harassment and I am a senior citizen! And nobody wants to smell unwashed rear end. It's not rocket science. Wash your behind. And get psychological help for your innate desire to rape, rob and kill.
  22. Guest28127652

     To all you stupid niggers on this page that have commented... Why don't you take a look around. You filthy wastes of slin f**k EVERYTHING UP. I can't even turn the radio on for my daughter anymore without hearing some "black rap n****r artist" rapping about getting p***y an smoking weed. And I cant go to town without one of yall crack head cousins trying to rob me in front of my kids. Your race deserves to be eliminated or at least put somewheres far from civilization and live like the piece of s**t retarded animals you are.

  23. Guest28125321

    All the black morons that commented only confirmed how ingnorant and discusting black people are....LOL...stupid niggers!

  24. Guest28121850

     I'm not racist... But u hate all you low life mother fuckers! My color is purple BIOTCH

  25. Guest28120885
    Stop making this racial. It is true Africans give off a stronger sent than most, whether this be for whatever reason and differs from person to person based on their lifestyle. How is attacking each other helping? I'm telling you the next war will be over race or water...
  26. Guest28105908

    I think the main reason black people stink is because they are too lazy to wash their rear ends or wipe them properly after defecating.  I feel sorry for people who have to be assaulted by funk everyday.  I am half black, so I am not saying this out of racism or a false sense of superiority.  They don't wash and their rationale is "because its too cold outside".  Some take a bath once a week and then think washing the armpits is sufficient for the remainder of the week.  And there is now a new smell out emanating from blacks that causes the vomit reflex.  You actually need to wash your body, not attempt to cover up the funk with cheap perfume and cologne and hair grease.

  27. Guest28096818

    f****n little kids


  28. Guest28096801

    Niggers are apes

  29. Guest28084610

    Quit judging people by race. Some may not be all that great, but I know plenty black people who are very nice.

  30. Guest28084610

    What kind of a question is that? Don't judge anybody by their race! I'm white and have many white and AFRICAN AMERICAN friends, thank you very much.

  31. Guest28057203

     I don't know if its true, but I've heard the way people smell is based on what they eat. I heard once that in early interactions of Japanese people with Westerners, the Japanese reported Westerners smelled very strongly, and this is because Westerners had a diet of a lot more meat than most east Asian cultures, and mainly meat from the land, while the Japanese mostly ate a lighter fare of rice and fish.

    I do notice Indian households smell like curry, and I actually smell like curry if I eat it a lot even though I'm white.

    I guess if any of this is true, if someone doesn't eat very different from you, you won't smell the difference nor will they on you. But people from other cultures that eat notably different might give off a smell you are not used to.

  32. Guest28044656

    <p>&nbsp;I think black people don't shampoo but once a month at their aunti's crib and have someone do it for them tell who ever braids his head that I am not playing black people need to shower more often.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

  33. Guest27881894



  34. Guest27815900

    death to all niggers those monkey big lipped criminals!you all stink!and your women are from the jungle and look and smell just like hot garbage!whats the difference between a n****r and a peice of dog s**t one might ask???after a while the dog s**t turns white and stops stinkin!you niggers have a lot in common with both look good hangin from trees!

  35. Guest24987037

     wow this is cray .... people needa stop hateing on all races , whites, blacks, and asians, or wht ever race stopd fucken hating people geshh get a life and do something better with it :) kayy bye and stop fighting about stupid a*s sheeit foreall 

  36. donnell jones

    first of all your white people are just jealous of blacks no the proper term is african american you the most evilest race on the face of the earth you kill not just black people but all races. if you was so proud of your race while would try to steal our stuff meaning our looks ,music ,customs  and everything that makes us bad as h**l you know what we come in diffrent colors and shades, mocha, cappuccino, vanilla, chocholate and the blacker the berry the sweeter juice. and we age better and look better. you go out and try to get a*s, dicks and breats implants when most of us are naturally born that way or lets not forget the lips implants and tanning that a dead givaway you want to be me. and about this stink thing you are the most stinkiest and nastiest race on earth. anytime you get your hair wet it smells like wet dog i wouldn't want your stinky lice infected hair. and your skin has all those sores and just looks nasty. and for some reason when you get hot and sweaty you admit this odor that smells like rotten corn. you got to be the most the nastiest race because you like to play when it comes to s*x with your s**t and p**s and vomit that s**t is gross. 2 girls and a cup or 2 boys in a cup whatever that nasty s**t out of here. s**t belongs in the toilet like you ok , never heard of black people doing nasty s**t like that. we naturally have a good odor but when we bathe and get a swag on we are a force to be mess with. so stop hating on us african americans and get some education and stop acting like a n****r the word that you invented calling us but it means ignorant which pretty much means you.

  37. Guest24957036
    At least we take a shower all white people is dirty and hate on black becuz we have swagg and we are natural thts why these days all these white ppl try to act black. White people are dirty becuz they attract lice and a stench. Whoever says the world might end might be true becuz we will die if all yal white ppl won't keep the dirt and red neck a**** away
  38. Guest24956337

    why do white people f**k each other and who ever podted this on here im a smack the sho=it out you when i find you b***h..!! you muthfuckas smell like cat a*s and dog breath and never shower with them f****n bugs in your hair.. YOU MUTHAFUCKAS AINT WHITE YOUR COLORED... WHERE NOT BLACK WERE BROWN DUMB f**k.. AND YOU KNOW WHAT IM A f**k YOUR MOM AND YOUR SISTER COUSIN AND AUNT... AND LET THEM SWALLOW SUM BLACK d**k IN THEY MOUTH AND PLANT A BAG OF WEED IN YOUR CAR AND SEND YOU TO THE PEN AND HAVE YOU SOMEBODY b***h.. SERIOUSLY..!! CUZ U A b***h FOR SAYIN THIS GARBAGE b***h.. AND f**k YOUR DAUGHTER..!!! AND p**s ON YOUR MAMA MOUTH..!!! LOVE THAT.... "MR SWAGGAVELI"

  39. Guest24386336


  40. Guest24240346

     c'mon, they stink so what? iv got white mates who stink as h**l, iz all about washing urself often. they've still got bigger c***s though.. who cares about smell wen u r comin wild from a big c**k..


  41. Guest23944235

    their all monkeys to me


  42. Guest23943125

    I wouldn't say garbage ... geez... sometimes it is just the hair products some use and with that big ole' butt some might not wipe right or correctly thus causing a horrid stench.  Everyone stinks though.

  43. Guest23885204

    God chose r color not us im a black woman with 4 children and i got a bunch of white family and if u judge by the color of r skin look at urself and pick out the white things we can say bout u.

  44. Guest23885031
  45. ZZ

     Any one who is afraid to take bath stink the same way it is not only about the black people even white people stink as well. 

    Root cause remaining the same which I just mentioned above so please guide people to have regular bath so that they should be looking neat and clean. Instead of creating such discussions that why do black people stink or this and that be grown up and come out from this thing if some one is white Allah him/her white and if some one is Black then he is not by his own will so please stop creating mess in between people on color bases. 
  46. Guest23618707

    You are all ignorant and the day you die I will spit on your grave. The only regret I will have when that day comes is that I will not be able to watch you all burn in h**l as a black man

  47. Guest23124742

    Because they were born and raised in the garbage. Also there skin attracts and absorbs sun light. I remember when I played foot ball and also in PE and track after everybody was done and went to the locker room all the nigg noggs/ moon crickets dispensed the foulest rancid putrid puke gag a maggot smell that would makes your nostrills close up them selves.

  48. Guest23124734

    i beleve they smell becase they have a mating ritual that uses scent to attracte their mates. the mens usually smell most to get attnetion of the womans. this why the men smell and the womens smell too so they can ward off other predators who can mistake them for animal f***s not worth eating.


    source: i learn this in 4th grade animal sciences.

  49. Guest23124730


    How do you know he's white? Sounds like quite an assumption.

  50. Guest22916747

    I think they smell like s**t is because they have to do some kind of ritual everyday where they go to the toilet, grab a s**t out, and rub it all over themselves. If they miss a day, they can die. I feel sorry for those pieces of s**t... Mexicans are the failed transformation of being black. They rub s**t all over themselves, but miss a day, but survived. So they look light brown forever! Come on, its pure science.

  51. Guest22673972

    May the ALMIGHTY GOD have mercy upon you...who are you to judge...i'm a black woman, how will you feel if blacks insult whites...go get yourself busy and stop judging people.

  52. Guest22422947

    This is for all of you ignorant idiots who are talking about the black race of very educated  and well repected race of people....It seems like all of you have had a pretty awful and sad life, you are so full of hate, Iam  sure someone in yall's family had to have raped and beat you and deprived you of all happiness and peace and joy...because you all are still living back in the 50's, we are the ones who dont bath, we are the ones who live in house with our cats and dogs, h**l some of us even f**k our cats and dogs, we are the ones who are paying for the bigger lips, bigger butts, our kids are the ones who dont respect us, and are out killing themselves, bbecause they cant handle the real world, we are the worst thing that god has made look at you, look at waht you are writing, is this good???

  53. Guest21738272

    I've never been around negroes in my life. 

  54. Guest20307499
    Same reason chinese people stink they just do
  55. Guest20257236
    The smell is a natural natural way to warn humans of their presence and it gets enhanced by the fact that these creatures never bathe.
  56. Guest19758431
    because obama is a negro,and he has the right to stink
  57. Guest19713100
    To tell the truth US WHITE STINK LIKE GARBAGE. Yeah I know, the TRUTH HURTS
  58. Guest19552790
    the only thing i can think of is they eat p**p, i stood in line recently next to three black guys. They smelt of kitty s**t box, mixed with onions. I wanted to hurl. not to mention they were so loud and rude.
  59. Guest18239085
    so what the h**l color r u? U ain't missed sayin u're none of the known colors, u mentioned every color human in the which f****n one are u? Maybe u ain't human?
  60. Guest18012966
    because BLIND PEOPLE CAN HATE THEM TOO. and because they are the worst s**t of the whole world, in another words, they are the worst creatures that god has made. Everything which are bad, ugly, gross, belong to them. For instance, black and hairy skin, S****y smell, gigantic nose and lips (that's they reason why they are always loud they have big nose to breath and big mouth to talk), no hair no eyebrows no nails (that's how all the beauty salons make good money from them). They're rude because they don't get enough education or they can't keep up and drop out that's why they don't know the definition of "rude" . The only good thing that they have is their white big a*s teeth that shine at night so cars don't run over them. TRUST ME I CALL THE COPS ON THEM ALL THE TIME, LIKE TO f*****g MESS WITH ME, THEY'RE DONE. TRY TO f*****g STEAL OR SELL DRUGS IN FRONT OF ME, THEY'RE GONE. it's not because obama is the president and niggers can do whatever they want? does not work that way! TRY TO f*****g CURSE AT ME ALL THE STUPID NIGGERS WHO ARE STILL ALIVE AND SURVIVED IN THIS WORLD. I'll try my best to drive over as many niggers as i possibly can. peace all ps: i ain't n****r and i ain't black and i ain't white and i ain't yellow

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