Flies flying in circles in the middle of the room

by Guest2668  |  12 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I have a question regarding the flies in home. I have often seen them flying in the room just beneath the ceiling. For this reason I would like to know that what makes the flies to fly in circles in that particular area?

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  1. Guest27802215

    I see this happen all the time when there's no light so this has NOTHING to do with light (as most people say in other forums).  I have not seen a good answer to this.  Surprising no one knows.  I personally think they are not smart.  They fly into the house because they smell something but once there in, they can't get out so in their frustration, they fly around the middle of the room looking for a way out and hesitant to land because they don't want to get eaten by those evil walking people.  That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

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  3. Harry

     Insects like flies have compound eyes, so they like to fly towards light because it helps them see where they are going so they don't crash into things. If the lights in a room are turned off except one source and they will fly there. If it is completely dark and they will land somewhere and sneak out. In order to get rid of the fly problem, darken your room as much as possible and leave some small opening to the outside that is very apparent and the fly will often times fly out where they feel some light. Flies rely, predominantly, on their sense of sight to survive. This can probably be the best answer to the asked question about flies flying in circles. The other possible justification is that, an insect with very good 3D sight abilities, sitting in the middle of the room. Thus, it can see threats approaching from a larger area. Combining this with the sheering air flows that tend to be more numerous near walls and one can have a reasonable explanation of this inclination. The bottom line is that it is a safer area for the flies to fly and remain there to avoid any threats.

  4. Guest10654216
    with only 14 days to find a mate they fly around in the center of the room to battle other flies if one should come along..... thats why when theres two you see them fighting each other

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