Why do Mexican men stare at my bum?

by Guest18284181  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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when I am out of the house walking with my BF I notice we are not alone!we are being followed by.........MEXICANS!!!!! they always say rude things to me and try to get me to take a "ride"....whatever that means.Help why won't they leave me alone do they want my spam and eggs?????

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  1. Guest22858852

     because your a*s is so big they probably want to sneak there families across the boader with it 

  2. Robert
    if you are in problem why are you living there leave their area or shift to another place or inform the police...
  3. Guest19642653
    Mexican men want to rape you and take you across the boarder to have their slave children!!!
  4. Guest18314899
    cuz they r the cops on em!
  5. Guest18293229

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