Why do I steal bras from my sister and wear them

by Guest13873204  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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I steal bras from my sister and wear them I like to do this and I don't want to stop I just want some opinions on what I should do

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  1. Guest27848870

    Hwy! You guys, all of you should let your sisters know that you like to wear thie clothes. I thinky that is so cool that you like doint that. So tell them ok

  2. Raina

    you should ask her before you wear her bras. i have my own and i dont have a sister.

  3. Guest22605008

    OMG! you guys are in the same boat as I was. Ive been wearing my sisters cloths for a long time. But its more than bras, i put on skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, shorts... anything. I love crossdressing! its my inner woman coming out. I have been living with 3 other girls my whole life. I used to be stressed out all the time, but it isnt as bad anymore. i actually told my gf and she ended up forgetting about it. I had her crawl into bed with me and i was wearing a s**y a*s piece of lingere and a thong! it was heart pumping.

  4. Guest22465386

    stop stealing ur sister's bras you want to wear them just in her room if she there or not an got one her bra out an just put the bra on an tell her u like how her bras feels on u an say her how you look tell her not to answer right away then put on her undie's in front of her to put on her very best s**y bra an undie if she tell mom just tell mom the same thing an tell ur sister u not g*y u like wearing them an tell mom u want to wear her bras an undies an tell them not to tell dad just the 3 of ur secret good luck keep on wearing an wear some her ur sister girl friends an mom's  bras an undies to

  5. Guest20546273
    i just took my sister's hot a*s Asian friends bra, and it was warm and i am wearing it right now. Along with her panties, they are the bikini style from dollhouse. omg they are so cute and i am almost certain that she was wearing them earlier today, since when she bent over in her dress i could see them and was turned on. ever since that happened all day my eyes have been glued to her hot little a*s, whether she is in her white jean shorts or in blue jeans which by the way can really compliment her a*s.
  6. Guest14856923
    I do the sAme thing when my sister leaves her bra in the bathroom. I love putting on her bra and nickers and dresses. Does this mean I am a tranny

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