Why do Black people smell like s**t?

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Why do Black people smell like s**t?

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  1. Guest28449608

     We dont it is you that stinks ! I am white and your a disgusting little twit who needs to go back to grade school after you shower for a year and not in dirty toilet water either

  2. Guest28447210

     Because they are retarded they can't do basic tasks like the rest of the world(bathe, pronounce words, work, etc.)

  3. Guest28434690

     Black people may smell bad because of glands that evolved in subsaharan Africa to repel the numerous large predatory animals and poisonous insects and reptiles there.. Black males additionally have a musk smell that resembles the cape buffalo, an adaptation that favored them in tribal mating rituals where emulation of that animal for its strength and courage were positives.

  4. Guest28431064

    don't think that white people smell like wet dogs, but from my own experience, black people smell like wet wool.

  5. Guest28319575

     Well to ask why black people smell like s**t is rather an offensive way of asking. Im a latin hispanic (not mixed with black only native blood and spaniard blood.) and I have had many kinds of friends. I think everyone gives off a peculiar smell when they are sweaty or dirty just like animals do. Dont forget we are practicaly animals ourselves some more than others though. So asking why a black person smells like s**t is like asking why is the sky blue or why does water wet it just is. Next time you have a whiff of your smelly black friend just acsept his smelly a*s for who he is and dont be rude. Sudjest  a breath mint or a wet rag for his dirty a*s but in a polite way. And when his or her monkey a*s trys to act like they are better than you, like they always do..just sit back and laugh at their baboon antics, but in a nice way because your friends 

  6. Guest28303321
    Im not a racist, have friends from all cultures and every culture has bad & dirty people! including mine!, but BLACK PEOPLE IS THE WORSE," not all of them, MOST OF THEM!!!!
  7. Guest28281455

     They don't bathe twice a day like we do, negro  women don't wash their hair for weeks, or it will dry out. They are used to the smell, and don't find it offensive. We rarely smell it, so it smells bad to us. since we don't smell it often, we think it smells bad. they are used to it



  8. Guest28201425

    They smell like used tampons.

  9. Guest28201324

    Black people have always think they were created by God forgetting to wipe and of statement 

  10. Guest28165124

     Iam awhite 35-year-old male and sometimes I wish that we were the slaves and we got treated the way they did then maybe we would understand or you racist prick would  understand what color do you think Jesus is because is not white and he's also a Jewso you racist people need to stop living in the past and work on your future you all are just ignorant maybe if you went through what they went through and what Jesus went through you'd be more understanding but you didn't  so I hope God don't judge you by the color of your skin or your ethnic backgroundI will pray for all you dumbass people?

  11. Guest28156802
    They don't bathe twice a day like we do, and the women don't wash their hair for weeks, or it will dry out. They are used to the smell, and don't find it offensive. We rarely smell it, so it smells bad to us. It's not really that bad, but since we don't smell it, we think it smells bad.
  12. Guest28153938


  13. Guest28153741
    Logically speaking, you're supposed to wipe your hind parts after getting up off the toilet taking a dump. Black folks don't do this and then they adamantly REFUSE to wash their butts. They wear dirty underwear and then the big black women do not put on underwear and wear tight pants and the stank odor seeps through. IT'S ENOUGH TO MAKE ME PUKE. And black men will walk around with f***s in their drawers or carry a t**d around in their pants all day assaulting folks with funk. By the way, I'm black. And I can't stand black folks that stink.
  14. Guest28146593

    I think it's because The s**t canal is really thin in black females and during birth the dung soaks thru and effects the fetus and thats how we get porch monkeys! Raciest yes and my names calvin arme on facebook, if u jungle bunnies don't like it tell me ! Bunch of animals!

  15. Guest28139422
    They don't bathe twice a day like we do, and the women don't wash their hair for weeks, or it will dry out. they are used to the smell, and don't find it offensive. We rarely smell it, so it smells bad to us. Its not really bad, but since we don't smell it, we think it smells bad.
  16. Guest28127661
    Face it: if you do not wash, you are going to stink. If you smoke weed and don't wash, you are going to stink. If you come to DC, and ride the train every day, you would empathize with those of us who are inundated and assaulted every day by black women wearing tight pants who haven't washed or wiped their rear ends and attempt to rationalize this by saying "It's too cold outside." I've been living in this God forsaken city for 20 years and when I first arrived, black people didn't smell like this. Now, they are not washing their bodies and they use cheap perfume and cologne to cover up the stench, and now they are stinking up the city with this new nephilistic smell that makes me gag. If I had to choose, I would rather smell the wet dog and garlic breath than what I am smelling now. And to make matters worse, I've got a nearly 7 foot tall black male (Nephilim) stalking me on my job and he smells of crystal meth, unwashed rear end, vomit, a dead body and dog p**p. It's not rocket science. Wash your rear end.
  17. Guest28127378

    Black people stink period. They can not help it. s**t is as s**t does. PU

  18. Guest28084384

     I would LOVE for all of you racist to print out your racist comments and WEAR it on your BACK for 1 entire day while you are out and about ON YOUR NORMAL DAILY ROUTINE.You are all COWARDS on this site posting negative comments that you would not DARE to tell an African American to their face. I don't know about you but I would much rather smell than be a racist COWARD any day. I will pray for you all beacause only God can help all of you🙏


  19. Guest28063688

    They were made from gods p**p.

  20. Guest28051204

    f**k, n****r, s**t, d**k, c**t, p***y, f****t, homo, n****r, dennis rodman, kobe bryan,t w***e, b***h, s**t, ball sack, n****r, c*m dumpster, c*m guzzler, jew, k**e, w*p, george bush jr, f**k bag, b***h face 

  21. Guest28046056

     WTF is wrong with you!! Not all blacks smell bad, Whites smell like sh*t to.

  22. Guest28045919

    Asking why black people in all, smell like "s**t" is like asking why you stopped your education at an early age, maybe you yourself don't smell so pleasant? Maybe it is that you're just a simple racist, as are all of you posting negative things, it won't be tolerated longer.

    expect us

  23. Guest28016410

    white people smell like s**t cigaretts and hot dogs


  24. Guest27909622

     For the same reason they look like and act like baboons. Their filthy dirty animals.

  25. Guest27902267

     n****r c n****r do

  26. Guest27897340

    Im going to admit it im racist yet have many blackfriends. 50% of whites are smelly muthafkers and 50% of blacks, mexicans, germans, are smelly, but when i say im racist its only to the 50% that don't smell.

  27. Guest27846019

    I was unfortunaltely caught with someone's elses drugs and sentenced to 90 day treatment center.  95% of them were black women.  When I asked what the foul smell was coming from  them, they answered that since their hair was so dry...they can't wash there hair weeks at a time.  They told me that it would break off.  I believe that is some of it.  These women showered every day...just not their hair.  Their hair has a natural oil which smells foul.  Especially after not washing it for a week or two or three.  The smell is like the stinky smell of f***s.  Gross huh?  It's true they smell.  I sickly have personal experience with this.  Oh another thing, I think they have a natural oil that comes from their skin.  Kinda like ferrets or chesapeake bay retriever animals have this foul odor.  They do smell and it is gross. 

  28. Guest27817270

    The answer is that what you smell is your upper lip. What is on it? 


  29. Guest27817270

    Shouldnt black men have black sperm? A black wad? I mean a black d**k goes in a white woman, and a black baby come she is shitting a big black t**d out of her  v****a, So shouldnt the black man;s goo be black too? lol hjad to add another stupid remark.


  30. Guest25034884

    all niggers will burn in h**l, they smell because they all suck my d**k and i c*m all over them and they dont shower. oh and they f**k animals :)

  31. Guest25004303

     yea because in the olden days white folks would lay down with any animal,i call it the triple D effect ..what do white people bring to the table?1.Death 2.disease.3.destruction.that just about narrows it down.


  32. Guest24988804


  33. Guest22763475

    Everyone has a right to the own opinion but this is a horrible subject,to say that just black people smell like that is awful were all the same people no matter what the colour of our skin is,were all the same colour on the inside and everybody likes chicken,,why can`t we jus put this horrible racist behavior to rest and live our lives,there`s more importent things to worry about in this world  then the colour of our skin....

  34. Guest22439769

    I also like the smell of sweaty black balls and a sweaty black a*s too. I get a hard-on just thinking about it! HmmmmHaaaaa.

  35. Guest22430281

    I'm a black man. and I can tell you the true answer to that question. It's because your mother's love to suck and f**k black men, and loves to be covered with our sticky white c*m after we f**k them in their c**t and a*****e. And they espicially love it when we ram our  huge hard black dicks down their throats and fill it with c*m. They love sucking out every drop while your red neck daddy sits in the  f*****g coner watching and  jacking off his little white d**k and shittng all on himself all over the  f*****g floor. so when we get up from f*****g your mama we step into some nasty f*****g foul smelling s**t that smell so bad that we can't get rid of  the motherfucking smell. This is the true answer you racist m**********r. Oh hey don't forget you maybe my b*****d child a*****e!

  36. Guest22400927

    Personally, I love the musty smell of eating out a black a*****e. I love to sniff black balls too because the smell make me so horny. I could c*m all day with a naked musty smelling black guy laying next to me!

  37. Guest22400927

    Personally, I love the musty smell of eating out a black a*****e. I love to sniff black balls too because the smell make me so horny. I could c*m all day with a naked musty smelling black guy laying next to me!

  38. Guest21841163

    because the damned paint isn't dry yet ... THAT's why!

  39. Guest19553217
    because, there so f****n stupid they cant shower correctly
  40. Guest19552790
    because there always raping and doing drugs...aids infested creatures stink
  41. Guest19416615
    You smell like what you are, s**t.
  42. Guest19164211
    cuz they s**t n rub it on der face m**o
  43. Guest18633211
    Yes, @Guest18577522, I CAN answer that question. And that answer is they don't. I'm not black mylef, but i'm disgusted you would talk in that way about dark-skinned people. Also, you sound like the kind of mean, narrow-minded person who is a hypocrite without ever realising it. So, here's a tip: try smell putting on some deoderant yourself, because it's YOU that smells like wet dog, not black people. Now stop slagging off black people, you racist, hypocritical, vile, repulsive creature. Ha! Bet that taught YOU, didn't it, you HORRIBLE RACIST person. That'll teach you not to talk down about coloured people.
  44. Guest18577522
    why do white people smell like a wet dog ,first of all? can you answer that one?

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