Why did you ban me on fantage?

by Guest28411119  |  3 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Dear Fantage,
I am username alpintar and why did you bann me for 20 hours I did not even login to my account and today when i'm trying to login it says I'm banned for 20 hours! You have to do something and unban me please! I did not even say an inappropriate word but still you banned me, believe me please! Please remove the ban from me, I swear it wasn't me who may have typed a bad word, I never lie for something which is mine and not mine.. Please fantage.. For God sakes please remove the ban! I will have to change my password if someone is using my ID but for now please remove the ban!! And you emailed me that you have removed the ban but still it has not gone!

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