Why did he want my number but not text?

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I know this dude from school. We never hung out or were friends. I seen him again for the first time in 5 yrs since school we hung out & partied at a mutual friends house. But it was weird because he would look at me off & on but never speak. When we were getting ready to leave he gave me a handshake and rubbed the top of my hand with his finger. He asked did I have a phone I said yes and he asked for my number & called my phone so I'd have his number. He made some small talk with me, asked what I was doing after I leave. I told him I was going out and he asked if he could go & said I'm ready to go whenever but ended up getting too messed up to go. Then he doesn't text me...I've texted him but he doesn't really respond. I asked him if I was texting him too much to let me know he text saying it's not that he's just been too busy to reply. He did tell me he works Sun thru Thursday and I asked why did he even ask me for my number but he hasn't responded to me on that .... what are these mixed signals? Am I doing too much or was he not interested? ?

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