Why did Matthew Nelson divorce Yvette after nearly 14 years of marriage and no children?

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Why did Matthew Nelson divorce Yvette after nearly 14 years of marriage and no children?




  1. Megan Butcher

    To Guest 123588329

    I knew way down deep in my heart she was lying. She posted it all over her facebook page in the past that Matthew cheated on her with two girls, rented a house behined her back, and she felt drugs were invilved. It just didn't add up to the person that Matthew is. He wouuld never do such a horrible thing. I feel sick to my stomach by what I posted about him. I am a huge fan of his and I know in my heart he just isn't that kind of person. Joey even told me that it was Yvette who wnated the divorce and kept changing her mind. I thing Matthew just got tired of her s**t and filed for divorce. I knew from the moment I saw her she was a back stabbing gold digging b***h. Matthew deserves better. Divorcing Yvette Stefens is the best thing that he ever did, I also think that it is sick that she still uses her married name Nelson.

  2. Guest23588329

    Megan, sorry to break it to you, but Yvette was not only exaggerating (correct spelling)...she was out and out lying to you.  Just because you tell the same story over and over does not make it true (in fact, now drugs are involved?lol)  Furthermore, I find it quite interesting that she is not taking any responsibility for her actions in the demise of their marriage.  It ALWAYS takes two.  I would think that rather than create all of these FICTIONAL stories and playing the victim, she would have some class and dignity and MOVE ON.  Seriously, they split up like two and a half YEARS ago.  I know both parties involved and let me tell you Megan...Matthew has definitely been the only party to take the high road.  I could post all of Yvette's ACTUAL discretions and horrendous behaviors online, but choose not to. Karma will handle it.  Regardless, their relationship is over.  Let's ALL give them the space to figure out their future HAS been almost three years...and the second time Matt filed for divorce (first time was 2004).  :)

    Onwards and upwards...


  3. Megan Butcher

    Everyone please you don't know what the h**l your talking about. I will give you the real answer. I am a good friend of Yvette's on facebook. I asked her what happened and why her and Matthew divorced. In Yvette's own words she told me that she caught Matthew living a whole other life. Matthew was renting a house behind her back. She even caught him with another girl. And while he was cheating on her with this girl, Matthew was seeing another girl. So that is two different girls Matthew was cheating on her with. Yvette strongly believes that drugs were involved. When Yvette told me this I was nearly in tears because I have such respect for them both. I am a huge fan. I am also the ex girlfriend of Joey Cathcart. Matthew and Gunnar Nelson's ex-guitarist for there band Nelson back in 1990. He even told me when we were together how Matthew and Gunnar can be. So I knew Yvette wasn't exadurating or lying. This is sad but true.

  4. Guest22586934

    I agree.. Matthew deserves respect on personal reasons why he divorced. If the normal everyday people on the streets going to work have their privacy; so sould celebs!!!

  5. Guest18661102
    considering they were together 17 years almost 14 of those married, I would consider that a victory in today's rash of divorces after 1 year.
  6. Guest11804891
    Someone posted that it was because Yvette had like 3 abortions and actually couldn't have kids.
  7. Guest11623041
    I couldin't find his profile on imdb so why didn't they have kids? I thought they had a daughter....
  8. Guest10604939
    Someone at imdb commented on why they didn't have kids. Go check it out, it's on Matthew's profile. I was quite surprised someone would put something so personal out there like that.
  9. Guest10551720
    I don't think that it is anyone's buisness as to why Matthew and Yvette decided to go their seperate ways. I realize they are celebrities and to a degree everyone wants to know but if Matthew wants the world to know his reasons I know he would let everyone know. If I get a divorce from my husband I know there will not be websites wanting to know why. As respect for Matthew we should all just know that he made the best decision for him and leave it at that

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