Why did Kelly Nelon divorce Jerry Thompson?

by Guest797718  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Why did Kelly Nelon divorce Jerry Thompson?

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  1. Guest25002323

    Me don't really care why dees twos gots a divorce. they gots plenty money and dats all dey wanted in the first d**n palce.


  2. Guest22392222

     Both are fabricated lies.  I have known Jerry before Kelly came into his life and he is still the wonderful caring Christian man he has always been.  YOU both should be ashamed and pray you are forgiven for such lies.  That is of course you both do pray!  I think not.

  3. Guest22214839

    Because he screwed around on her and  she wont put up with that

  4. Ammad Ghauri
    due to the Homosexual affair and that cause disease
  5. Guest797718
    why did kelly nelon divorce jerry thompson

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