Why did Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone?

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What was the reason for having a telephone.

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  1. Guest9070
    The telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell (according to was indirectly spawned from the research Mr. Bell was conducting on the "harmonic telegraph", as a means of transmitting multiple telegraph sound signals over one telegraph line. He realized that the harmonic sounds transmitted by the harmonic telegraph was potentially able to transmit human voice. Further research and development on this front led to the telephone...

    It is worth noting that Mr. Bell was not the sole inventor of the telephone, but was the first to patent:

    - an "apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically", 16 years after Antonio Meucci, who did not have sufficient funds to file a patent, demonstrated his "teletrofono" in New York in 1860 -

  2. Guest6674
    "Bell's interest in telephony was primarily derived from his background in vocal physiology and his speech instruction to the deaf."
  3. Guest6876
    If I recall correctly, Bell was originally looking for a means of multiplexing multiple Morse Code signals on a single wire, by having each transmission/reception station have it's own frequency. In so doing, he created a means of both transmitting and receiving those frequencies SIMULTANEOUSLY, which made voice transmission possible.

    My memory's a bit rusty on this one, but I hope this helps!

  4. Guest128
    He invinted the telephone to improve the standard of living

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