Why can't I check in online for Cathay Pacific?

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I wan unable to use Cathay Pacific Online Check-In what is the reason for that.

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  1. Airlines Expert
    There are several possible reasons why you may not be able to check in online. 1. You are not holding e-Ticket. 2. It is possible that you are checking in for your flight out of the normal sequence of your itinerary. You must check in for flights in the same sequence of your itinerary for e.g., if your flight itinerary is as follows: Hong Kong - Vancouver - New York You must check in for Hong Kong - Vancouver prior to checking in for Vancouver - New York. This also applies for tickets issued on partner carriers where the partner carrier flight is the first sector for e.g., American Airlines: Dallas - New York Cathay Pacific: New York - Hong Kong In this case, you must check in on the partner carrier American Airlines flight first to be able to check in for the subsequent Cathay Pacific flight. 3. The following types of passengers are not allowed to check in online and must proceed to the airport for check-in: * Passengers requiring Medical Assistance * Unaccompanied Minors * Passengers travelling in a group and are registered as a group in the booking * Passengers whose ticket requires some additional payment

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