Why are niggers so lazy?

by Guest22575036  |  4 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Why are niggers so lazy?

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  1. Guest28104838

    how do you get rid of niggers? offer them a job!

  2. Guest28059813

    n****r n****r n****r n****r. Go Back to NIGERIA

  3. Guest28059813

    I am amazed at how you white trash f***s can't spell or keep a thought about the Niggers in your life. They are here to suck the Government TEET because they are to f*****g stupid to know better.

  4. Guest28056072


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  5. Guest28056012

    Most all parasites dont do much to continue living. they just mate, and suck.

  6. Guest28053438

    i like the idea of putting theem down ecspecially the ones who have spread their laziness to the white man

  7. Guest27933383

    There must be niggers commenting on other niggers here because their reasoning as well as spelling is indicative of them spelling like (niggas), can't spell or reason.  Or maybe just white trash.

  8. Sweetness5125

    i agree with you  they live eat and sleep the word (ghetto) anddon't know nothing else, they don't want to better themself, i hate to see them with their pants off the a*s thinking that looks good.

  9. Guest27460417

    Niggers are lazy because they are a none-human lower species. Dogs, horses and other domesticated animals are a higher life form.


  10. Guest27264733

    niggers who live in n****r neighborhoods are lazy because all they see is black all day it makes them think its night time


  11. Guest24080571

    Niggers are a stain who need to be beaten till they behave better in society, or be put down.

  12. Guest23951197

    niggers make me sick!

  13. Guest23588621

    it happened some time soon after their tails fell off 

  14. Guest22592637

    thats a dumb question. its because there niggers

  15. Guest22575036

    because they find it easier to sell drugs and live off government assistance. but thats not all black people, just mostly the ones who live in slums and ghettos.

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