Why are black people so arrogant,nasty,rude,and loud

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Why are black people so arrogant,nasty,rude,and loud

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  1. Guest28156307

     Niggers are just what they are,  f*****g NIGGERS !

  2. Guest28155583

     White people put their trash in California, Black people let them run around everywhere, and when a white person acts like an idiot we all put them down, when a black person acts like an idiot you all immediate them and thinks its cool, that's complete lunacy, you wonder why the United States black so the only nonconformity race on this planet, when Madele became president he united the blacks and whites when Obama became president he separated the blacks and whites that's United States VS all other countries

  3. BrianReece
    Its not true. Whilst black people are more humble, genuine, quite and very helpful in nature. However, our society treat them like they are cruel and can't look at their beauty like the white one. The thinking of society seems to be arrogant, nasty, rude and loud not the black people.Ask any girl whether they would like to marry any black man, most of them will answer "no". So what will a black man do at this stage, he is also human and definitely react like human. So don't expect the same behavior in apprehension, first change your mentality and then put a questions like that!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Guest28155382

     i am black and im none of those things yes some black people are all of those thing but not all of us, but come on white people are loud and weird but not all of them. dont judge the whole race from a little bit of the race that u have seen these things are stupid stereotypes people have made up not all blondes are stupid one of my friends is blonde and she is really smart, not a black people are rude and nasty and loud in fact i freaking hate when people belive them and this question is kinda racist u ccould have ask y are some black people blah blah blah just keep in mind not all african americans are like that and the ones who are arent the only race that is

  5. Guest28155369

    i'm from new york and wherever you go we would never support you anytime anyplace anywhere anytime soon

  6. Guest28150549

     Y'all are f*****g idiots.

  7. Guest28146157

     I didn't grow up around black people and never had a prejudice against them.  When i went to college, a pretty prestigious one actually, I go to know a kind and pretty cool black girl and we became roomates for the last two years of college.  She was pretty hardworking. Fast-forward 18 years and she has nothing to show for her degree! Why? She moved back home to the ghetto, took a dead end job that didn't even need a college degree and has not advanced at all. I don't want to brag about what I've achieved but lets just say I'm happy prefessionally and in my personal life. The thing that gets me is that she's so super religious and thinks that she's so great but come on, she has not risen at all in her class and is so inconsiderate.  I give up, way to represent your kind and be a good friend...

  8. Hasmid Ulmijar

     Because they're made out of your mom's t**s and your dad's prostate gland!!!

  9. Guest28059813

    If you were always given money for doing nothing you would be arrogant as well. Lazyness is a disease that the NIGGERS give to their children.  Only attain worthless s**t to make you feel important.

  10. Guest28035744


    Yes there a lot of black ppl that r rude, nasty, loud, like to look for fights  & have attitude problemas. But there are many black ppl that are very nice. & hardworking & kind & polite & caring & act with class. Judge Mathis is a example & he's a very good looking man.  :-)
    I've ate soul food & it's delicious . Mmmm 
    not all 5 fingers are the same.I'm Hispanic born & raised in NYC ... I married a Hindu.
    i just wanted to say this bcuz I read so much negative things regarding black people & it's half true & the other half is simply crazy talk.  God Bless Us All.
    btw: Gospel Church is beautiful.  :}~


  11. Guest27898809

     I would also like to thank Guest26419538 for proving how dumb blacks are with his mumbo jumbo. And for your cop uncle,which is probably not even true because blacks dont have jobs, is equally as stupid if he would take time out to go arrest people for blogs instead of going to the projects to stop black on black crime. 

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  14. Guest27824346


  15. Guest27794841

    I work with numerous black people and I notice that when I am having a conversation with one if another black person walks up they will rudely turn away from me to talk to the other and our conversation  is cut off with no end and usually not to be continued.  They will usually defend it with saying "it's a black thing".  The arrogance comes from over compensating due to years in the past when they were told and taught that they were inferior.  I understand this thinking on their part but they should get over it because it is a real turn off to people like me that truly consider some of them to be friends.  I am speaking generally since not all are like this but it is true of a large majority of them. 


  16. Guest27600639

    It is ignorant when a minority, such as "blacks" use slavery to justify their argument. The majority in every culture has enslaved the minority in one way or another. I am German, at one point during the peak of the Roman Empire they enslaved my ancestors. Does that mean I blame Italians for my poverty? f**k no! Read a book. Learn some real history. Think, question and analyze before spouting off your ignorant rants against racists. The truth in a modern age people feel more self entitled in general. This leads to rampant rudeness. The fact is that it is more noticeable from "blacks" because culturally they tend to be more expressive. Like my former slave masters, the Italians. lol

  17. Sweetness5125

    Bro Please !  Have you every been to the Bahamas.(WHITE) DIRTY ppl are rude as h**l, and the smell!

    am a mix chick Black mother white dad, but i like knowing i have black in me, but am far from rude , you should really take that back because you are rude for just saying that.....white boy

  18. Guest27495624

     I think that a VERY LARGE magority of black people are nasty and rude I have yet to find one that was nice and they are all on welfare and are proud of it instead of working for your money they want handouts and not to mention they cant talk right they dont finish school and their music sucks atleast we dont sing about shooting someone or s******g this girl or selling drugs. So when someone can prove to me that they are worth anything other then sitting in jail where they will be by time they turn 21 then im all for it. I do know that every race has trash but where are they raised if they are raised in a black area then they act just like them.

  19. Guest27214682

     Thank you Guest 26419538 for posting a response anyone can use to prove how stupid black people are. 

  20. Guest26419538

     dont be racist like not all black ppl r like that and we might live off food stamps but thats because u white freaks think yall better yall inslaved us and these remarks can put yall in jail dont matter how young u stupid asses r and my uncle a cop so he can look up every single one of u and go to ur house and arrest u i never heard such a racist remark and rap????????? rap is a way to show our feelings and some of us use it arrogently like lil wayne not sayin dont i rock out to it but there r ppl who use rap like yall use poetry and were not stupid i smarter than every one of yall put together and black ppl are smarter than white ppl in my defense because 1. r and b music is the best selling music in the world and theres more black ppl out there who can sing than white im not makin this up look at the statistics look at bet! 2. we sell illeagal things and are richer than yall by caparison not sayin every one does it just sayin to the seective few who does they gettin paid and 3. we got a black f*****g president hes makin the world better and how dare u whites say that ur no better than zimmerman so by saying this ur saying me Rosa Parks Martin Luther King Obama Trayvon Martin and every great african american out thier is  rude nasty and stuff well kudoos to u to being arrogant by saying that rude by saying that nasty by saying that and may u burn in h**l for that 


  21. Guest25222954


  22. Guest25026270

    Just wait for them to start mouthing then knock their a*s out.   I am real small and I just kick them in the balls.  They say that black mens balls are generally larger than whites so i just use the bigger target, they drop like a rock.   I like to see them looking up at the feet of a little white girl.

  23. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    Look at MY answer below and you will regret posting this question:

  24. Guest24999372

     From Ashton Guerra- black people are just like everybody else. they have arms. they have legs. they talk. they have red blood. they have their own lives to worry about just like we do. So leave them alone- SuckAzz

  25. Guest24997679

    To Guest23588471 (the dude that says he beats people up,yeah you) i fuckking hate your a$$ you should NOT beat people up. IF YOU BEAT THEM TO BADLY THEY CAN DIE. THEN WHAT WILL YOU DO!?!?? YOU SHOULD JUST TELL ON THEM 2 THE FREAKING PRINCIPAL.

  26. Guest24934345

    There are rude sections of every race no matter where you, but I know what you're saying. It seems the majority of blacks are like that. There's nothing you can do but walk around em and be on your merry way. God forbid you ask them to move, or hurry up, or talk to their buddy somewhere where they aren't blocking traffic cause guess what; then you're in the wrong. They aren't going to change, so it's better to let them think they are the baddest out there, because at the end of the day when they're living on food stamps, spitting out babies by the 10's, I'm sitting in my nice 3br/2bth house watching my big screen TV in the AC that my job paid for. I'm happy I'm white.

  27. Guest24924498

    Not all blacks are rude. I think that it is sterotyping a group of people if you think that way. I am African American and it gets really tiring to hear thimgs like this or to hear that slavery was long ago.First, my great gramdmother was a slave. So, it was not that long ago. Slavery ended in 1865. It was not so long ago. In additon, Jim Crow laws ended decades, not centuries ago. Just admit that whites have been mean, cruel, and vicious to a people that did not deserve it. I don't want to hear how we can go back to Africa or how we were saved from our savage ways. Look, we were happy in our ignorance. You didn't do us a favor. You raped the land and people with your "civilized" ways but never want to be accountable. This generation is sick of your c**p and will not take what our ancestors have taken. You are a sneaky race of people and we will not stand for your barbarity. You seperated us and refuse to educate and treat us equally. Our parents tell us of the injustice received by your cruel race and you ask why we are rude? We are just giving you forewarning, we won't take the cruelty recceived by our forefathers; just letting you lieing, thieving people know from the start.

  28. lyls19

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  29. Guest24262101

     american indians are silent ( they are the true full blooded american), yet they don't comment anything that connotes racism,  U.S.A. is a melting pot where all cultures/ideas converge, " that makes U.S.A.   AAA1 nation in the world....... (UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL)

  30. Guest24015156

    yea....and why do they think rap is cool...its not even music, its c**p. they think that they have talent when they rap. all there doing is talking really fast and thuggish about stupid stuff that makes no sense.

  31. Guest23951514

    well we have a right not to a[[rove or tolertate black ppl if we choose to




  32. Guest23884808
  33. Guest23632536

    your mean.nobody in the world is arrogant,nasty,rude or loud unless they r a murder or something.i mean can't just judge people on their appearance,or what they look like.i would rather judge someone on how they act and for who they are.the looks,i could care less.maybe your the one being rude because how would YOU FEEL if someone said hey how come so-and-so is so arrogant,nasty,rude and loud!?!you wouldn't like it,would you?don't be mean!i mean come on,have you ever even met or talked to a black person?if you have don't be mean to them!i mean come on!there are BLACK kids in africa who are poor and have no money,food,or water!your lucky if you have all 3 of those things you need.why?because evryone in the world needs that to survive.nobody can survive without those 3 things (especially the water).and it is not their fault!some of them can't even go to school because they don't have enough money to even have/make/create a school.geez !man,do u feel guilty now since u read and saw what i said?i betcha u r!if your not guilty even though u read this,then i'm telling you, u r 1 mean little person who needs to learn a LESSON

  34. Guest23632454

     Just a few things....

    1) This has nothing to do with being rich or poor. The qualities of politness and respect for others are free for any one. It's your choice whether to use these great qualities.

    2) This has nothing to do with being a product of your circumstances. Playing the blame game is futile. Blaming your parents, your economic woes, current culture or past history is a pathetic excuse. Ultimately, in the end, its YOU that has to take the responsibilty for your behavior. Hiding behind the blame game is bollox. Nut up or shut up.

    3) From my 40 years of life experience, the only people, the only people, the only people that practically ruin life for themselves and others are black people. I dont want to hate them, but i do.

  35. Guest23632109

    1st off a lot of people of all races are going through times these days with poverty, not just blacks. Plus, blacks aren't as bad off as they like people to believe, seriously. The trouble is most of them spend $ on senseless bling-bling bologna because they feel they'll the center of attention with everything and don't spend wisely on their necessities. No one's got time to worry about your Sean John undies/whatever. Not everyone cares. Other races work together to make lives better for themselves & their people. They have their issues like everyone else, but mature & grow together. You will never, ever see that with black people as a whole. Over Half the time you just see black people hating each other, kicking each other out of their race for a bunch of stupid bologna when they don't get their way, destroying their neighborhoods & killing each other, that's another reason they're in poverty.

  36. ZZ

    I 100% agree with what hatim said and want you all guys to understand what he is trying to explain through his words. No one is born bad its the cruel world that make it out for him. People act according to the surrounding and that what culture is now if you are living in a culture where you are though to speak loud then you will be following the same thing because every one like to adopt things which is given by their parents.
    And they are brought up in such culture where they have to be nasty, rude and loud that the way they live and to change your self following other is never good always stay in your own clothes.


  37. Guest23630671

    to the person that beats people up because they talked bad about you're black friend, they would not do that for you, you are stupid


  38. Hatim

    Black people follow a different culture. .... the fact that there lives are mostly associated with poverty sometime back which brought slavery, crime, drugs and gangs together in the first, then i seriously cannot even blame them. They are a result of what happened. Every man is no different. It is our resources and circumstances that shape us.

    and for the record I would like to add to all hedonistic, narcissistic, racist rednecks and white up here.... I thought for all the civilization you have been through, you would at least be more polite and higher mannered. Blacks are like that because they saw a need for it and as they are living the life set up for them sometime back they are not about to change. But many blacks out there are changed men and I am happy for them. One world, one humanity, one race. Peace!

  39. Guest23588471

    im not racist i have black friends i joke around and call them n*****s they call me a f****n cracker none of us care and we tell jokes about eatchothers race and i have to admit jokes about white people can be pretty d**n funny. im white. and iv beat a kids a*s standing up for one of my black friends. and id do it again in a heartbeat so all of the people that are posting racist comments f**k off especially the person who started this page this country is falling deeper and deeper into a depression eatch day we should be trying to pull the country together not divide it.

  40. Guest23588123

     all of u that think blacks r innocent, stfu they are freakin A$$hole$ and like i sed b for, they suck and rape and murder, make fun uv white people, and SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Guest23534828

    Guest14708790, U suck balls, too BLACK PEOPLE RAPE, MOLEST, HARRASS,SMOKE,MURDER, AND ARE a*****e DICKFACES, JUST LIKE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Guest23534828

     Because they are dickfaces, asswipes, and c**t twats. Over all, THEY JUST SUCK BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. CBC

    It's not about being racist but realistic.  I am not racist and have black friends whom are great and whom I value, but a lot of blacks do let themselves down.  When I went to school they were the ones going around in 'gangs' with threatening behaviour trying to intimidate people.  Now I work, they are rude and loud on trains pushing, shoving and glaring at people.  I have a friend who works in charity and she says she knows not to approach black people because on the whole they act as if normal compassionate, human ethics do not apply to them.  To such blacks out there, I say stop being touchy and face up to how you act and improve yourselves up to a decent human level of behaviour. As I said I am not racist and have black friends of a good standard (indeed a lot of my black friends are embarrassed by the way they see other blacks acting), but if blacks were not rude, this question would not need to be asked. How on earth do you expect people to like you when you act like this?  You are the author of the way people feel about you and can only expect people to dislike you until you improve yourselves.  Wake up, smell the coffee and stop moaning that people are racist when all they are doing is stating facts.

  44. Guest23363066

    Just about about everyone who has left a comment on this page is "arrogant,nasty,rude, and loud" regardless of ethnicity. People of African descent are no ruder and cockier than people from other parts in the world-The comments on this page clearly show that people from all different backgrounds are perfectly capable of being ignorant, selfish, cruel, and racist. All of the cursing, accusations and racist remarks ( directed at and coming from blacks and whites both) on this page is remarkable.

  45. Guest23363010




  46. Guest23363005

    It's not about being afraid to speak truthfuly to other people's's about being afraid of speaking the truth to ourselves, to the reflection of our own faces. We will continue to go in circles revisiting the same old theories and ideas until we admit to ourselves that people of diferent races are as different psychologically as they are physically. When we accept this truth, then we can begin to work out our problems. Not in a hateful way but in a logical and fair way.

  47. Guest23362062

    NO Offense but, all you mother fuckers need to stop being racist a******s! So if i were you, i wod shut the h**l up rite now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  48. Guest23361759

     Funny this, this is just a hateful page about people who, i bet, would be too scared to say this to anyone's face so they write it here. I don't know what has happened in your life to make you such a Scrooge, but i think you should get over it, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. So, grow up, get a life and while your doing that, take that rod out of your a*s, you DUMB s***s!


  49. Guest23357602

    Wow, a forum where colour doesn't even enter the equation (you can't see the colour of my skin from where you are) and everyone who posted curse words and derogatory statements just proved that it is not skin colour that matters but attitude.  Also I imagine most of the people on here have college education or better but you wouldn't know it from the misspellings, or shortened words sprinkling their posts, even I probably have a wrong word in here I'm sure, but then again I only have a high school education myself.

    And not to sound arrogant and therefore perpetuate anything but anyone who would actually ask such a question on a forum like this, anonymously no less, is just looking to stir trouble.  And this is probably your idea of fun.  Shame on you for being so arrogant, nasty, rude and loud. 

    I sincerely hope, for your sake, you don't expound such 'opinions' verbally amoung the masses.  You may find yourself at the wrong end of someone's else's 'opinion.'  And lo and behold, you would have it coming and then some. 

    And for the person who said they only 'f__k and kill' one another in Africa, have you not looked at the crime rate on this countinent?  They do the same thing in North Amerca for a lot more reasons or no reason at all.  Certainly makes me wonder about 'society' as a whole.

  50. Guest23357171

    It would be so easy to accept idea that the bad behaviour exhibited by so many of our black americans is a result of enviromental factors, but all people are not born with the same traits and characteristics. Not all breeds of dogs have the same disposition. There are exceptions, but we all know that for the most part some breeds are inherently docile and intelligent while others are known for aggressive behaviour. Black people for the most part are less intelligent and more aggressive than non-black people, again there are exceptions. This belief is not as easy to accept, but it is the truth. And maybe that is why black people so often act out...they realize this truth.

  51. Guest23355066

    The problem has absolutely nothing to do with race whatsoever. It is the character of the individual person. NO RACE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER. Martian Luther King Jr. was a great man in my eyes. His dream was really a COLORLESS SOCIETY. Yes EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL RACES, that we would not judge one another on the color of our skin but by our Character. So in truth MLK stood up for the decedents of all nations of the world as much as any other. Martian Luther King Jr. was a Christian!!

  52. Guest23142319

  53. Guest23104801

    Fact and statistics should not be confused with racism.

  54. Guest23102799

    Okay to start off im black and my parents raised me to be intelligent,hard working,and think before I speak and I think this is sorta true african-americans (some) are lazy and I can say me neither my family are ignorrant,loud.obnoxious,lazy,etc. now im not gonna lie if someone does bother me in a harmful way yes I will go off  but not in a ghetto way,lastly I would like to state my name isnt kyashonte' or lakasheanda.And I wish racism would stop between Blacks,Whites,Hispanics,and other nationalities and minorities I think the well we blacks had it worst needs to stop beacause I think ALL nationalities had it bad at sometime in life.