Why Pakistan does not react to Drone Attacks. It seems Millitary leadership is sold out. Why ....

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Why Pakistan does not react to Drone Attacks. It seems Millitary leadership is sold out. Why ....

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  1. ZZ

     We are a nation no doubt in it. But the leadership is being paid for these drone attacks and same thing was expressed in wiki leaks. Pakistan higher authorities are sold to America. Their children's are living there, They also pass most of the time over there in America. Only come to Pakistan when they want to make some"Loot khasoot" and that is what is happening with us. 

    We do have courage but all our forces seems like to be working for America. 
    We are so badly trapped in our daily routine that we are not being able to pay attention to our nation. But we should know this that when we will be out of this nation we are living in then there won't be any need left for this daily routine which is currently stopping us to stand up against America the greatest terrorist of all times. But now we should think seriously about our country as it is our mother land. 

  2. Guest23319049

    Where we stand as a Nation? Pakistan is being attacked on daily basis. We have 6th largest Army but still we are unable to defend our soveranity. Shame on our rulers. Are Northern Areas not the part of Pakistan? Why we dont defend our land being attacked by foreigners? We are a Nuclear State but we dont have courage to take a stand?

    They are at the moment Attacking their chosen areas.. time will come when Americans will start Drone Attacks on cities lik Islamabad, Lahore etc. Why we are so coward. We must stand and come forward as a Nation. Where is our Dignity .. Are we not a Nation? .....


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