Why Do Some People Sleepwalk?

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sleep walking - Sleep disorders such as sleepwalking arise when normal physiological systems are active at inappropriate times. We do not yet understand why the brain issues commands to the muscles during certain phases of sleep, but we do know that these commands are usually suppressed by other neurological mechanisms. At times this suppression can be incomplete—because of genetic or environmental factors or physical immaturity—and actions that normally occur during wakefulness emerge in sleep.

People can perform a variety of activities while asleep, from simply sitting up in bed to more complex behavior such as housecleaning or driving a car. Individuals in this trance like state are difficult to rouse, and if awoken they are often confused and unaware of the events that have taken place. Sleepwalking most often occurs during childhood, perhaps because children spend more time in the “deep sleep” phase of slumber. Physical activity only happens during the non–rapid eye movement (NREM) cycle of deep sleep, which precedes the dreaming state of REM sleep.

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  1. Guest10500874
    I have been sleepwalking now for over 3 months, its regular and it is ruining my life. I didnt even realise at first I just knew I woke up feeling as though I have had no sleep at all, then started to notice things, lights on that I knew were off when I went sleep, tv on when I got up and I never leave the tv on, have woke up in the middle of this before and wondered what the h**l I was doin sittin naked watchin tv at 4 30 in the mornin when I had to be up at 6 30, I have no memories and no control over how and when it happens, can any one help

  2. Guest273037
    lol - the opposite of sleep walking and other abnormal physical movements during sleep, is sleep paralysis: waking up and unable to move because the neurological mechanisms that suppress movement while sleeping have not yet released its hold on the individual. Sleep walkers have the opposite problem: often they experience an opportunity to play out their dreams because their neurological mechanism for paralyzing the body is interrupted and away they go . . . walking to the refrigerator, or down the stairs (if they're lucky). Sometimes they'll punch you - lol - but maybe they're not really asleep ;-) It's an interesting subject: needs more research.
  3. Guest172483
    i thought people sleep walk because they are psychologically disturbed

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