Whose has good sense of humour in Allainet ?

by Guest12950  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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No one has real good sense of humour in Allainet.

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  1. awaisj

  2. Peter Gill
    Tariq from IT and the chacha Azad
  3. Judas Bar Kokhba יהו...
    None of them man, all are wanna-bes while some play jokes but cant take jokes. It sucks.
  4. Guest13393
    There are eVer Smiling Faces but we have eVer Laughing face the Adnan GD, such a great entertainer!
  5. Mark Jones
    We be Burnin'! Okay and Haseeb Khan Swati too.
  6. Shahid Nauman
    In Dev Dept, I vote for Tayyab, Zeeshan, and Adnan GD. But Tayyab's Sense of Humor is awesome... In Call Center, Burni and Umair...

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