Who would win a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather?

by KMC  |  8 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Now Manny Pacquiao has seen off the challenge from Cotto, the speculation is that Floyd Mayweather is the next logical opponent. In a battle of the current pound-for-pound best and the man who was previously held in that regard, who would emege the winner?

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  1. Guest14235549
    Floyd Mayweather has said that he is best and has proved it as he is UNDEFEATED. He has played a total of 40 matches, including 25 knockouts. what took him 10 rounds to knock out Ricky Hatton, took Manny 2 and a half. Manny who stands at 55 fights including 50 wins and 2 draws and only 3 defeats. he has had 38 knockouts (a large amount over Mayweather) and pacquiao has more experience.. he stepped up two weights to fight miguel cotto and smashed him to pieces claiming his desired tittle. Pacquiao has a greater chance of winning, and i think he will win if the fight goes ahead.

  2. Guest13139019
    Money is an awesome boxer but after watching Pacman take on Cotto like that, I think it would be a close one. Pacman may just edge out Money.

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