Who was the first person to start mass-cracking "self-aware" apps?

by Guest13170702  |  9 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Who was the first person to start mass-cracking "self-aware" apps?

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    ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
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  6. Guest13250218
    f*k this s**t, he and his f*****g troll just lost me.I will not return to his fukkedup games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  7. Guest13182227
    Crack heads
  8. Guest13179707
    JimmyMag here ill give you guys a hint Chuck liddels from ufc's nickname thats it i cant give the answer away that easy just made the question a lot easier
  9. Guest13176262
  10. Guest13175436
  11. Guest13174727
  12. Guest13174016
    Your an idiot the answer is on dis page PANIK IS THE ANSWER
  13. Guest13173884
    Please i need the d**n answer give me please
  14. Guest13172902
  15. Guest13172476
  16. Dixion
  17. Guest13172674
    Q: Who was the first person to start mass-cracking "self-aware" apps? A: panik
  18. Guest13172607
    Thanks guys, Panik is indeed the answer. Shame to all those giving silly answers
  19. Guest13172555
    panic try it, it works
  20. Guest13172456
    Yayyy for the real answer being "Panik" !!
  21. Guest13172430
    panik - WORKS! РАБОТАЕТ БЛЯ!
  22. Guest13170702
    New password here :
  23. Guest13172422
    болт там а не ответы!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  24. Guest13172396
    Panik is the answer. read the 2nd reply to this post.
  25. Guest13172092
  26. Guest13172375
    The correct password is panic. You welcome :)
  27. Guest13172150
  28. Guest13172360
    panik :)
  29. Guest13172293
    Go for "Panik" guys, for sure it is the right answer and it works with me :)
  30. Guest13172347
    Panik is right, just enter this.
  31. Guest13172321
    panik is correct i promise kisses xD im so smart xD eheheeeee
  32. Guest13172329
  33. Guest13172287
    Panik is the right answer
  34. Guest13170822
    panik work
  35. Guest13172192
  36. Guest13172248
    Panik is the answer.
  37. Guest13172253
    Alvise Dan working thank you!
  38. Guest13172243
    i love you all (panik)
  39. Guest13172218
    panik is right,thx man
  40. Guest13172222
    Bill Gates
  41. Guest13172224
  42. Guest13172207
    the answer is "Solo"
  43. Guest13172192
  44. Guest13172179
  45. Guest13172145
    Alvise Dan It work, CASE sensitive pay attention
  46. Guest13172169
  47. Guest13172148
    Mr. T
  48. Guest13171492
    no one know the answer): shame
  49. Guest13172150
    Gary Thornwood
  50. Guest13172145
    Alvise Dan, the right answer
  51. Guest13172147
    omg! who knows the answer?
  52. Guest13172131
    Who was the first person to start mass-cracking "self-aware" apps
  53. Guest13172135
    Ok here is the right answer: mcpaul cred.
  54. Guest13172121
    f*****g dickheads, low life b******s, eat d**k for f***s sake. ROT in f*****g burning h**l shitfaces. K thx go
  55. Guest13171711
    Adrian Lamo
  56. Guest13172076
    paul peterson is wrong, does anyone know the password? pleeeease? xx
  57. Guest13171633
    deltah8. Deltah8. deltah8
  58. Guest13172084
    jacob maxim
  59. Guest13172069
    it's not deltah8
  60. Guest13172016
    dark alex
  61. Guest13172074
    the n****r down the block
  62. Guest13172056
    People who know the password are reluctant to give it out, as a is running amazingly well for the first time in a long time! not just that, the file hosting sites that have the ipa files are also quicker due to the freed up bandwidth from eliminating the leechers! I am happy with the way it is... before the site just kept crashing, and now we have a nice fast, stable site for all those who contribute, and good thing is, it keeps the leechers out! Fret not, as the toll bridge will be removed once the new server cluster is in place... No exact eta but word has it that it can be as early as the end of this week!
  63. Guest13172066
    jackie chan
  64. Guest13172043
    R_ _ _ _ _D is the hint i got but couldn't work out the answer!!!
  65. Guest13172039
    gilman lee works for me! thanks Guest13171049 XD
  66. Guest13172049
    deltah8 does NOT work. stop that bullshit guest...
  67. Guest13172035
    Guest273948337...s**t u can suck our dicks
  68. Guest13171621
    F... off with your deltah 8 sh.. and go somewhere else if you are borred
  69. Guest13171813
    K here is the real answer: sucmiballz Thank kilar for the pw
  70. Guest13171327
    deltah8 is NOT working
  71. Guest13172020
    itmadik askols
  72. Guest13172027
  73. Guest13172031
    What thé answer please
  74. Guest13171811
    I got it! The answer is Gary McKinnon! Search him up on Google! You must find his codename, that's the password :O
  75. Guest13171633
    Deltah8 worked for me! Finally
  76. Guest13170752
    I suggest you COPY + PASTE the answer, no spaces deltah8 is working
  77. Guest13171961
    what is the answers ;
  78. Guest13171803
    Write your App name with in google and open the cached link.. Its easy.. You dont need to open for that..
  79. Guest13171947
    deltah8 isn't correct
  80. Guest13170752
    make sure you type it in CORRECTLY, cause deltah8 granted me access to the site
  81. Guest13171952
    deltah8 doesn't work a******s
  82. Guest13171654
  83. Guest13171837
    it is not deltah8 the answer! I test it!
  84. Guest13171711
    заебали!!!!!!!!!!!! какой ответ???
  85. Guest13171813
    If you suck my balls I might tell you
  86. Guest13171935
    this the rigth answer is "puke"
  87. Guest13171905
    deltah8 is not the answer!!!!!!!!
  88. Guest13171327
    Answer key is أسامة بن محمد بن عود بن لادن
  89. Guest13171920
    I Agree
  90. Guest13170752
    deltah8 is the correct answer, finally!
  91. Guest13171885
    c'mon stop kidding a$$holes! write that name and stop
  92. Guest13171900
    geohots grandfather = fikhot
  93. Guest13171851
    to Guest13171790 que te haces el malo forro chupa pija de mierda el virus lo tenes el el orto p**o cagon masca poronga.
  94. Guest13171723
    RE: Guest13171790 Virus? You're probably f*"king" MS CRAPDOWS user...
  95. Guest13171861
    come on
  96. Guest13171873
    Paul Peterson
  97. Guest13171875
  98. Guest13171837
    SuhkNPhuk wasn't the answer, I test it!
  99. Guest13171846
    I Agree
  100. Guest13171748
    somebody plzzzz:'(
  101. Guest13170752
    deltah8 works!!!
  102. Guest13171813
    *Cherp Cherp*.
  103. Guest13171723
    p _ _ _ K That's f*ckin' eazy! You must be totall trollz or leecherz... It's all about knowledge about iW4r3z scene.. If you don't know answer, just search google in style "appname" and push archive link or buy your app.. C' mon! <<3X!M0|2>>
  104. Guest13171790
    everybody whos is being a jurk and is writing wrong answers i will send you guys a virus so you stop bullshitting forever!!!!! kapito???
  105. Guest13171787
    i want the answer pls :(
  106. Guest13171711
    i wan the answer to please Guest13171463
  107. Guest13170752
    kr0wI worked for me
  108. Guest13171082
    i'm waiting :)
  109. Guest13171723
    p***K Then it were master Reilly and other.. UR F*cking trollz!
  110. Guest13171698
    No it wasent....
  111. Guest13171700
    Who was the first person to start mass-cracking "self-aware" apps?
  112. Guest13171344
    simon walter
  113. Guest13171711
    i wan the answer to please Guest13171463
  114. Guest13171576
    suck and f**k your mum a***e
  115. Guest13171695
  116. Guest13171323
  117. Guest13171107
    SuhkNPhuk was the answers thank you
  118. Guest13171576
    doesnt work with sep wang
  119. Guest13171654
  120. Guest13171558
    I just know please give me 2m ok m8`s
  121. Guest13171082
    oh,come on..don't be selfish :)
  122. Guest13171653
    wow, guys, are you serious? all the answers don't work. Don't even bother to look this thread. Bunch of liars are trying to waste your time. Just be patient for few weeks you pirates. Just go and get some iTunes gift cards.
  123. Guest13171633
  124. Guest13170803
    i wan the answer please Guest13171463
  125. Guest13171549
    Sep wang it worked!!!!!!!!!!
  126. Guest13171602
    Forget it, he doesn't know.
  127. Guest13171621
    Plz tell
  128. Guest13170752
    it's amazing what entertains this a***e. Absolute douche!
  129. Guest13171107
    ANSWER- SuhkNPhuk it works =)
  130. Guest13171558
    So tell me please
  131. Guest13171576
    soo i ask you .. please tell us the answer
  132. Guest13171588
    ba donne si tu la
  133. Guest13171599
    Who is it then guest
  134. Guest13171528
  135. Guest13171546
  136. Guest13171549
    Sep wang
  137. Guest13171561
    i wan the answer please Guest13171463
  138. Guest13171388
  139. Guest13171515
    Can anyone be sensible & post the answer on here please?
  140. Guest13170974
    andydam it's not the right answer
  141. Guest13171463
    ok i noo the answerr but i will only tell u if 5 people ask me for it :)
  142. Guest13171464
  143. Guest13171434
  144. Guest13171085
  145. Guest13171382
    hussein zebib
  146. Guest13171286
    Who was the first person to start mass-cracking "self-aware" apps?
  147. Guest13171107 usually has all the answers - RELIABLE SOURCE
  148. Guest13171234
    dickcheese who knows
  149. Guest13171107
  150. Guest13171308
    DENwhat is it!!?
  151. Guest13171319
    u r bunch of fuckers for putting fucked up answers. go to h**l faggots.
  152. Guest13171219
  153. Guest13171085
  154. Guest13171234
    i wonder no idea no leads.....
  155. Guest13171186
    Thats not right
  156. Guest13170803
    john cobra
  157. Guest13170803
    john cobra
  158. Guest13171107
    Check out he usually posts the answers there
  159. Guest13171049
    gilman lee

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