Who should I share auto insurance coverage with

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Who should I share auto insurance coverage with?

If you share an address with other drivers, it’s important that you all have auto insurance coverage. Whether that other driver is a roommate, a spouse, a domestic partner, or a child, if he or she has a driver’s license, he or she should have auto insurance coverage.

Even if one (or more) of the drivers in your household never drives one (or more) of your cars, you will still be required to put them down as an occasional driver. Why? If a driver is listed on your auto insurance policy as never driving a particular car and that driver later gets into an accident while driving that car, this may slow the claims process or even result in a denial of auto insurance coverage.

Although we all want to save money, it pays to insure all drivers in your household. It doesn’t cost much more to insure another driver and can save you a lot of headaches in the end.

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