Who sells Lucozade drink in USA ? I want to buy Lucozade but dont know who sells it.

by Guest1140180  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Its a fizzy drink from England that I want to take to my sick friend.

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  1. Guest22680168

    You should be aware that Lucozade original in banned in the USA by the FDA due to the fact that it contains a colour called Sunset Yellow. Sunset yellow is a colour not allowed in any food product in the USA

  2. Guest21612678

    <a href=""></a> in Massachusetts sells this.  I was just in their store over the weekend.  They stock several different flavors.  It is not a "fizzy" drink.  It is similar to gatorade or powerade, but slightly different.  I don't recall it ever being fizzy.

  3. Guest20225071
    Food Ireland....
  4. Guest15061437
    look for any irish food store ,they have them in most major cities
  5. Paul Wood
    This is the only site that I know of that sells Lucozade from within the USA:

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