How many Elvis Impersonators were there altogether?

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I have heard there were many people and persons who impersonated Elvis, what was the style that was copied, was it his clothes or hairstyle, can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Celebrity impersonators often try to entertain people by looking similar to the celebrities and they also dress it in a certain way to imitate them. Basically they are look-alikes artists to pay tribute to the artists. Great need of impersonation arose when celebrities and famous people died and to remember them such people or to pay them tribute these people come onto the seen. Elvis Presley was one of such person, he was very popular and famous and after his death there were some figures and people who impersonated him. Some people say that there are 30,000 Elvis Impersonators in the world while some say there are 500 Elvis impersonators in the world. There is a great demand of Elvis Impersonators that can work all over the world, There are many radio stations which broadcast the Elvis impersonations.
    As Elvis was a singer so most of the impersonators sing his songs. There were some impersonators who came on to the screen even when Presley was alive, it was Johnny Elvis who showed his talents at that time. But after the death of Elvis Presley the Elvis Impersonators gained more popularity. American singer Phil Ochs appeared on March 1970 in Carnegie Hall wearing an Elvis style gold suite, his first performance became very popular. In 1970’s Andy Kaufman made an impersonation part of his act. He was one of the best impersonators of Elvis Presley and Elvis himself said that Kaufman was his best impersonator.

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