Who is the best filipino motivational speaker?

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We are looking for our next motivational speaker.

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  1. Guest22689393

     I encourage you to visit the website of Jef Menguin, a Filipino inspirational speaker. You can log on to

    You will also find in the website short but well-thought articles on leadership, personal development, entrepreneurship, and inspirational speaking. Jef Menguin trains CEOs and managers, and government executives on leadership and management.


    Though he is one of the best, he makes his professional fees affordable to Filipinos everywhere, most especially if your organization belongs to those who directly make a significant differences in the lives of people. He has been conducting transformational leadership for school principals and teachers, pastors and priest. He also welcomes invitations from Supreme Student Councils all over the Philippines. He has already conducted seminars in the major cities in the Philippines.


    To meet Jef Menguin, log on to

  2. Guest20604519
    Thank you lavera for thinking that Jef Menguin is the best motivational speaker. I am Jef Menguin. I am humbled. But I nowadays, though I know that I can motivate people, I do not even consider myself as a motivational speaker. My purpose is not that of the motivational speakers usually invited during sales conferences. I do not see myself as one of them although I have high respect for them. Zig Ziglar is a motivational speaker. Anthony Robbins is a motivational speaker. In the Philippines, there are those who claim to be motivational speakers too, and most of them talk about money every chance they get. Not that there is something wrong about talking money matters. It is simply what I have observed. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I have not heard the other talented and very good motivational speakers. However, if what you want are speakers who can inspire you to become the best person that you are, to make a difference in the world, to give yourself in the service of God, you will find many great "inspirational speakers" in the Philippines. You will have Francis Kong and Bo Sanchez to mention just two of the popular ones. Maybe you can add Jef Menguin too, but I am not yet at the level of Francis Kong or Bo Sanchez. I do not even think about that. As of now, I simply wanted to become an instrument. Yes, to be able to help our fellow Filipinos to think world class without losing the great traits which are inherently Filipino. To make dreamers think, and thinkers dream. To make followers lead, and leaders follow - yes, follow the nobler ways. Please share my website - - to everyone. Once again, thank you very much. jef menguin inspirational speaker philippines
  3. lavera
    I think "Jef Menguin" is the best filipino motivational speaker
  4. Guest18581089
    When I finally decided to make public speaking as a career, I made a commitment to myself. I will do it as both a mission and an exercise of skills. I thought that I should speak not only in the Philippines but also abroad with foreign audience. Motivational Speaker in the Philippines Lloyd Luna addresses the delegates of 2010 Sales and Marketing Professionals Convention. Way back then, many people including some in my circle of friends thought it’s impossible for me to do it. But there was no reservation in my heart that I’m going to make it big time. I only needed focus and time. I started speaking when I was just 21 years old . And yes, I must admit the first time I did it, I almost fainted. And yes, I was also afraid of speaking in front. And oh yes, I was forced to speak in front! All skills can be learned. And obviously, I was able to learn this one—and I’d like to add that I still learn after every seminar or talk that I do. I don’t think I will ever stop learning some more. I’m an avid fan of self-development. If there’s anything, that could be the first subject I’d choose and the last subject I’d give up. Standard Module for a one- to three-hour motivational talk In the last four years, I have traveled around the Philippines and some parts of Asia to share my message of inspiration, hope, and success. And I’d like to appreciate every one who made these trips possible. I must say that I enjoyed every part of it. It was a great feeling having worked with wonderful people in different industries of different nations. The good news is I’m able to squeeze my life-long experience in a one- to three-hour module. This can be used by any organization of any type and size in furthering the performance of their team by letting them hear and experience my message. So here’s what inside your “Achiever” package: The Law of Difference The law states that “Successful people do what the unsuccessful people don’t do.” In this segment, participants are taken into comparing the two main types of people in any given society: the people who achieve something and the people who are left with either a little or nothing. Lloyd Luna shares his personal experience and observation while he was still living in a depressed community in Sta. Mesa, Manila until he got connected to the people living in Forbes Park in Makati City. Why people get up early in the morning and what it means in your life Why people watch TV and why watching TV isn’t really a way to the top Why people try to define more problems and who gets the benefits from these problems The Law of the Season The law states that ”Dry season follows rainy season.” In this segment, participants are encouraged to hang on to their hopes and decide to move on. Most people get the benefit of this and when they are able to understand this, it will rather be easy for them to pick another journey. In personal life, this is helpful to people who are in deep pain caused by traumatic broken relationship In career, this is helpful to those who got fired, demoted, or failed to get the dream promotion. It is also beneficial to those who failed to achieve their sales quota. In business, this is helpful to better understand the dynamics of competitive industries and to better exercise patience in running an enterprise. Want to know more? Go to
  5. Guest17057397
    I created a 43things entry on inspirational speaking. I write tips on how you can become more effective as a public speaker. Log on and visit it now:
  6. Jef Menguin
    I am actually tempted to answer that the best Filipino motivational speaker in the Philippines is...Jef Menguin! But no, I am not the best motivational speaker, and although some people claim that they are, I do not think that a motivational speaker is the best because he believes or claims himself to be. I even wrote about this in my blog: And I also provided some tips in one webpage: But I will not stop here. Understand you get a motivational speaker who can give you the most benefited. Beware of getting a famous speaker simply because he is the only one you know. Or the first one who appeared on your google search. I can think of three things that you must consider now. 1. Credibility. Do you think you can trust this guy? Get to know your speaker. Do not spend your money on someone you have not met or knew nothing about. Not everyone who claim that they are great speakers (and even if they really are) can help your people. Listen to his stories. Let him talk during your interviews. It is likely that you will be able to identify the pure hot air and the authentically inspired speaker. 2. Compassion. Do you think this speaker care about your audience? Some Filipino motivational speakers care more about their topic, their image, and the money that you'll pay them. One who talks a lot about his topic or how great he is and mention only in passing something about the audience is a fake. Motivational speaker cares about the audience. In fact, the really great one make the audience the focal point of his talk. 3. Content. Some speakers can really entertain. Others can make you cry. Motivational speakers are typically emotional. Nothing wrong with that. But I believe everyone of them must provide solid content. Without that content, all you have is a performer or worst a charlatan. Look for these three C's the next time you look for your Filipino motivational speaker. I am very sure you will get one that best fits your need. How about those who claim that they are the best motivational speakers in the Philippines today? Forget about them. Their words are placebos. Jef Menguin

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