Who is not entitled to the minimum wage in United Kingdom?

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Who is not entitled to the minimum wage in United Kingdom?

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    The following types of workers aren’t entitled to the minimum wage: . self-employed people . company directors . volunteers or voluntary workers . workers on a government employment programme, eg the Work Programme . family members of the employer living in the employer’s home . non-family members living in the employer’s home who share in the work and leisure activities, are treated as one of the family and aren’t charged for meals or accommodation (eg au pairs) . workers younger than school leaving age (usually 16) . higher and further education students on a work placement up to 1 year . workers on government pre-apprenticeships schemes . people on the following European Union programmes: Leonardo da Vinci, Youth in Action, Erasmus, Comenius . people working in a Jobcentre Plus Work trial for 6 weeks . members of the armed forces . share fishermen . prisoners . people living and working in a religious community

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