Who is lisa Robertson of QVC dating? Who is lisa Robertson of QVC dating? I think Lisa is the

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Who is lisa Robertson of QVC dating? I think Lisa is the hottest person working in QVC, what i really want to know if lisa Roberstson is dating someone or not?

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  1. Guest28166730

    If you cannot spell, maybe you should not comment either. Haters gonna hate.

    Or, in your case..hatters gonna hat.

  2. Guest28029256

    I think she's g*y which is fine she always talkes about her friend 'Kim." whom she always goes on these extravagant out of the country vacations with.

    Also can't stand her or they way she claims to ue everysingle beauty item she presents.

  3. Guest27926751

    I cannot stand listening to her nazel voice, she thinks she is hot glad she got those extentions and got rid of that stringy hair and she has the uglist mouth when she laughs. i cannot stand to watch her

  4. Guest24990510

    Very self indulged. Spends time promoting Bare Minerals because she is friends with Leslie Not fair to other vendors. But she is aging and big egos leave little room for women like Lisa as they age. Listening to her is like "groundhog day" Everything is super cute and only cause x dollars plus chnage blah blah blah. Go to the Kaballah center Lisa and find out what real beauty is. Lisa your such a disappointment....what happened to you???

  5. Guest23252286

    I CANNOT stand her!!! She stands up there with one hip in the air and she always has to mess with the models. Leave them alone! You cant  model and u are a TERRIBLE host!!! So FAKE and full of yourself!!!

  6. Guest23129165

    Lisa Robertson thinks she is Angelina Jolie! The hair extension HAVE GOT TO GO lol.  She is so full of herself.  All she does is look at herself in the camera and it is VERY annoying.  What does she have going for herself????  If she did she would be hosting another show OTHER THAN QVC :)


  7. Guest22776882

    I cannot stand her. She is so FAKE. And also old. Her lips and eyes are like that of a 60yr old woman.

  8. Guest22693103

    I heard that Lisa liked l*****g the lizard.

  9. Guest22625302

    I am sure Lisa does'nt give a darn what you people have to say about her you have wayyy to much time on your hands; I think she is a great person and has soooooo much more going for her than you lame people!!!!!!!!!

  10. Guest20330599
    I watch QVC sometimes because I like thier cosmetics. However, Lisa Robertson is ALWAYS starring at herself constantly. I am sure she could be attractive if she would get some thick hair extensions and not wear so much makeup. I think she takes away from the products because you are constantly stuck on her watching herself.......
  11. Guest20175226
    No one shes to into herself to bother.
  12. Guest16264972
    I think she is g*y, and that is fine.
  13. Guest2464198
    did lisa robertson get engaged?

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