Who is going to win the cricket world cup match between India and Australia on March 24

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Who is going to win the cricket world cup match between India and Australia on March 24?

This is a big match, Australians are the current champs and India has the home advantage. Australian has a very good bowling attack and India has one of the best batting lineup in the world with likes of
Virender Sehwag and sachin tendulkar while Australian pace pair of Brett Lee and Shaun Tait (the fastest bowler behind Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan) are going to try to get an early break.

Both teams have some big hitters and both teams before this match up were favorites to win the world cup but since India defeated West Indians the odds on the betting websites have changed making south africa the favorite with odds of 4.7 to 1 while india is 5 to 1.

Since the match is going to be played in India, the home crowd advantage is going to work wonders for India but at the same time; India will be under higher pressure to perform for the fans. Australia at the other hand just came out of loss against Pakistan and would want to make sure they do not exit without making the semi final or the final.

All in all it should be a good clash; i am putting my money on India to win but whichever team wins the toss, it will surly be at advantage.

I think Australia is not the team it used to be and Its been a long time since India won the cricket world cup. So I think India is going to win the 2011 cricket world cup.

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  1. ZZ

    Yes at the end you state the real thing that Australia were not in their best and that happened when Pakistan broke their long winning streak thus allowing India to reach to their destiny.

  2. Guest23116924

    At this rate i would say Australia is at an advantage. they have 107 runs on the board with loss of two wicket in 22 overs.  Run rate is just under 5 and with 8 wickets still in hand, Australia is bound to do over 300 runs. Positive for india is their batting so, with the batting line up india has they can chace any target. 

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