Who is Jolene Van Vugt dating?

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Who is Jolene Van Vugt dating?

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  1. Guest19826427
    She isn't dating Travis. Travis is dating Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins.

  2. Guest18276644
    I don't no but i wish i did i think travis pastrana is completely "HOT!" i wouldn't blame her if she was dating him but they r sorta to good of friends to be dating and they would ruin the show if they broke up so "NO"
  3. Guest18019976
    LOK4uno xoxo
  4. Guest17648488
    Ryan Villopoto ?
  5. Guest17410960
    she is shagging de s**t outa me
  6. Guest16922148
    she's not dating travis pastrana! he's supposedly going out with sherri cruse.
  7. Guest16547370
    shes not dating jim dechamp or travis. there are pics of some guy on her myspace that she talk about not wanting to be aart from him and stuff. so just check out her mysace pics
  8. Guest16503037
    u guys r stupid she is dating jim dechamp. i know this i actually talked to her. guhhhhh
  9. Guest15700056
    I wish i new and she shouldnt date travis cuz theyre to good of friends to be dating
  10. Guest14862469
    i dont know but i sure wish it was me, she is awsome, jolene will you marry me?
  11. Guest14813574
    she is not dating Travis.
  12. Guest14757029
    Ryan St. Amand
  13. Guest14731468
    You guys are all nuts, her and travis and great friends, that's all!
  14. Guest14536171
    She's not dating Travis Pastrana. Travis is dating Sherri Cruze (also a dirt biker.)
  15. Guest14216477
    R. Kelly. My friend used to get babysat by her next door neighbors second cousin from Alabama. She said R. Kelly, and she almost never lies.
  16. Guest14067376
    she is dating ytravis pastrana
  17. Guest13746620
  18. Guest13649942
    she's dating travis pastrana... she lives with him too. I personally know him so this is a fact.
  19. Guest13530503
    Jolene needs to be dating Travis Pastrana because i see how they look to each other it seems like they are together.
  20. Guest13184980
    She Is not Dating Travis!
  21. Guest12875767
    She Is Going Out With Travis Pastrana
  22. Guest1428338
    Jolene Van Vugt dating is a big secret but rummer has it, she was with her boyfriend up until last month and these days she is single and available. she says her fame makes it easier to pick up guys in the bars. read below about what she is all about. FMX and motocross are not sports that usually evoke the thought of women. Especially not like snowboarding or surfing where women are clearly a part of the scene. However, in the rough and tough world of dirt there are a lot of women and every year the number grows. Jolene Van Vugt from Ontario is one of the growing statistics of women dirt bikers. And more impressive than just being a number, she can actually claim being one of the first women in the world to land a backflip on a dirt bike, a trick guys have only begun mastering in the last four years. "In the industry I get along with them all. I think for the most part they think it’s cool. For some guys they don’t like it they have the idea that women should be in the kitchen mentality, but we ignore them. There are actually more guys that are pumped and positive about it. It’s a great way to pick up guys in a bar though, that’s for sure. You go to the bar and guys are like you race dirt bikes? That’s hot. There are negatives for all women in professional sports though. As we get more accepted the industry opens up more for girls and so that’s why I keep at it."

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