Who is Brad Womack?

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I heard a lot about this artist Brad Womack but do not know much about him. Can someone tell me details about Brad Womack?

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  1. ZZ

    "Brad Womack" birth name Stephen Bradley Womack born on November 10, 1972.Brad Womack is an entrepreneur who became famous for starring on The Bachelor season 11, where he earned the distinction of being the only bachelor in the history of the show who rejected both finalists in the finale.

    After leaving both Jenni Croft and Deanna Pappas in tears on The Bachelor, Womack received a great deal of public backlash and easily became the most hated man in Bachelor history. Four years later, he returns to the small screen for a second chance at love as the star of The Bachelor season 15.

    Born on November 10, 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia, Brad Womack attended Texas State University but quit school to work in oil fields. He then decided to take up bar-tending with his twin brother Chad and later bought his first bar at the age of 28. He now owns several drinking establishments with his siblings in various parts of Texas.

    He proudly says about him self that:
    "I am about to be the biggest jerk in America."


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