Who invented the soccer rainbow move?

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I have a question regarding the game of soccer. I am very much fond of this game and I always like to see the new moves introduced in the game of soccer. For this reason I would like to know that who actually invented the rainbow move in soccer.

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  1. Harry

     The rainbow move also known as the rainbow kick, is a trick used in the soccer game, in which a player steps over the ball and flicks it off the ground from behind them, and forward over their head in an arc. The trajectory of the ball gives this trick its name. The trick is usually performed while running forward with the ball, and is done by rolling the ball up the back of one leg with the other foot, before flicking the standing foot upwards to propel the ball forward and over the head. The rainbow kick was performed at the 2002 FIFA World Cup when Turkey's İlhan Mansız, in what was described as a "sombrero" move of "outrageous skill", flicked the ball over both his head and the head of Brazil's world-class side-back Roberto Carlos, which resulted in Carlos committing a foul. However, sometimes the use of tricks like the rainbow kick is seen as showboating and disrespectful to the opposing team. The rainbow kick appears in a famous sequence in the 1981 film Escape to Victory, when the trick is used by the character played by Ossie Ardiles, which led to the name of "Ardiles flick". 

  2. Guest16464986
    i dont know all i know is zach marcus that little ten year old is like the best player he can do just about anything that ronaldinho or pele or marodana or kaka or messy that is how good he is and he is only 10

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