Who invented the slam dunk?

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Basketball is well known and famous game around the world. I want to know about the slam dunk. Can someone please tell me who invented the slam dunk in basketball?

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  1. Guest23282334

     The thought of the slam dunk had been round object for a wear but players didn't dare endeavour it in a game because if they did, divergent players would undercut them. Trying to pinpoint the first person to slam dunk a basketball is difficult to do so stating any person who the first person to come higher with the thought is virtually impossible. Los Angeles announcer, Chuck Hern, coined the term slam dunk (in 1972). Prior to that, it was referred to as a "dunk shot" in circa 1961. The NBA credits George Mikan as the first person to dunk the basketball; even so he sometimes did so in a game. However, this is contested by numerous stating that Bob Kurland, any person who was one of the first couple high men to play, along with Mikan was the first person to slam dunk the basketball.

  2. Judi

     Bob Kurland invented the dunk in basketball. obert Albert "Bob" Kurland was born on December 23, 1924 in St. Louis, Missouri. Bob was a 7-foot basketball center, any person who played for Henry Iba's Oklahoma A & M Aggies now Oklahoma State Cowboys basketball team. He was an integral component of the team's consecutive NCAA labels in 1945 and 1946.
    Because Kurland regularly leaped above the rim to seize opponents' shots, the NCAA excluded defensive goaltending in 1945. Kurland was also the first person to usually dunk during games. The rivalry between him and De Paul's George Mikan would foreshadow interchangeable matchups, particularly those of "Big Men".

  3. Guest19982717
    Bob Kurland

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