Who invented the circus?

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Who invented the circus?

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  1. Maira
    Phillip Astley was just 24 years of age and late of the 15th Dragoons. The year was 1769. Astley set up a showground in 'Halfpenny Hatch' that consisted of a roped off riding enclosure. The charge was sixpence to stand and one shilling for a seat. Mr. and Mrs. Astley presented riding skills. The first season was most successful with takings as much as £40 per day. Astley then looked around for a more permanent place for his riding school and purchased one near Westminster Bridge. His shows were a great success apart from inclement weather so he covered the surrounding seats to keep of the rain and brought up loads of sawdust for the arena so the first sawdust ring came into being. Just ten years after his first presentation he opened his 'Amphetheatre Riding House' in 1779. The first purpose built 'circus' building. Much later other famous showmen like 'Lord' George Sanger toured very large shows under canvas.

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