Who invented dishwasher detergent?

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I have to make an assignment about different people who have invented different product in the last century. I have collected information about many inventor but unable to find any information about the inventor of dish washer detergent. Please share information if you know about the inventor of dish washer detergent. Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    Chemist Dennis W. Weatherby, born in Brighton, Alabama, in 1960, is the inventor of the first dishwashing detergent. His invention, known as Cascade, is made by Procter and Gamble and remained a top seller among dishwashing detergents for many years. Weatherby with his team formed a solution that engaged a category of dyes that could be used in bleaching products. It would give a lemon-yellow color to the soap that would not stain dishes. Prior to his invention, pigments were used in such types of solutions that often left stains on dishes and on dishwasher interiors as well. With his colleague inventor Brian J. Roselle, he got U.S. patent No. 4,714,562, released on Dec. 22, 1987, for his remarkable breakthrough in “Automatic dishwashing machine detergent composition.” The solution is now used as the basic formula behind all of t “lemon-scented” cleaning products that contain bleach.
    He started working with CSU, as an academic advisor and recruiter in the water resources center in 1989, According to the statistic given by the school that a more than 400 percent growth in student enrollment recorded with a better than 80 percent retention rate under Weatherby’s leadership. In 1994 he promoted an assistant professor of water quality at CSU in its International Center for Water Resources Management. He also worked as the primary recruiter, counselor and advisor for students in the environmental program at CSU

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    Tell me about the inventor of the inflatable umbrella....

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    Rober Eniestien

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