Who hates Justin Beiber?

by Guest20740394  |  9 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Justin Beiber sucks. slushies rock!!!

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  1. Guest22639271

    i hate justin biber cuz he has the vioce of a chipmunk and takent of a grass hopper and he is the ugly drawf from snow white and he looks like king kong (but in a small human outfit!).

  2. Guest22617371

    actually i know a bunch of people that "hate" beiber...i dont i actually dig his songz but i wish he was taller and had a better face that doesnt look so typical-whit-boy-trying-to-be-blackish. everyones angry that he isnt cute,,,thats all. and all his screaming fans that love him and think he's adorable,,,they are not shallow. i admit to being shallow. he is not my type. why cant he look like gaspard ulliel... :( :P :D peace&<3

  3. ZZ
    the only one who can hate Justin Beiber can be the one's who are in competition with Him. no one else i think.

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