Who has seen Damon Bennett's tattoo?

by Guest24543748  |  8 years, 1 month(s) ago

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Who has seen Damon Bennett's tattoo?

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  1. Kosmas smith

    Which one of the Lucky person to see the Tattoo?

  2. Guest24811313

     oookay, have fun rolling your eyes. I'll just keep having fun over here, l*****g this tattoo;)

  3. Guest24783122

    rolling my eyes.

  4. Guest24768272

    Actually he liked it and asked for more, he's a little kinky but so am I so it was perfect. See you again soon big guy purrrrrr;)

  5. Guest24759120

    I just saw him filing for a restraining order against the girl who claims to have licked his tat. 

  6. Guest24580454

     I've licked it, d**n that man is tasty!

  7. Guest24560778

    it has been described on his facebook fan page

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