Who did Brad Womack choose in The Bachelor?

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I am a big fan The Bachelor but missed the last night episode. Can someone tell me that who did Brad Womack choose in last night episode?

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  1. ZZ

    Brand Womack caused major controversy when he rejected DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft in his first Bachelor spell, but Brad Womack finally found the woman of his dreams when he proposed to Emily Maynard, last night.

    The 38-year-old got down on bended knee and presented the single mother with a stunning Neil Lane diamond ring in the tear-jerking finale of The Bachelor.

    The tragic stricken beautiful blonde who lost her fiancé in a car crash six years ago, blinked back tears in the emotional moment that fans had been waiting for.

    Moreover Brad Womack while bended knee and presented the ring said:
    'You're so much more to me than a leap of faith. You're the one, Em," Brad told her.

    'I love you...You're my once in a lifetime.'



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