Who designed the wedding dress of Kate Middleton?

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I am curious to know the designer of Kate Middleton wedding dress, can anyone tell me the name of designer who has designed the wedding dress of Kate Middleton

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  1. Danial

    It is Sarah Burton who designed the wedding dress for Kate Middleton. Sarah Burton is the head of London’s best fashion house Alexander McQueen. She joined the McQueen studio as an intern in 1996 on the suggestion of her tutor. After sometime she went for higher studies and returned after her graduation. In 2000 she was appointed head of womenswear. According to records she has acted as McQueen's right hand confident until his death. Later after the death of her tutor she became the head of Alexander McQueen!

    The most interesting thing about Sarah Burton is that she managed to keep the identity hidden till last moment. There were too much of speculations about Kate’s wedding dress and almost every other person was keen in knowing what she will be wearing and who is going to design it and so on. Although Burton made it great by hiding identity till last time, she does not seem to get the moment cashed, as she clearly said, she is not interested in getting interviewed. That’s so nice of a down to earth lady!

    She in fact wants to remain at the back end and wants her work to speak for her! By the way, check a photo of her and see how innocent she looks in it!

    sarah burton the royal wedding dress designer

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