Who are the best motivational speakers in the Philippines?

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Who are the best motivational speakers in the Philippines?

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  1. Guest23804691

    I believe you will only get subjective answers to this question because people have different standards for what is best and what is not best. Besides, there are many motivational speakers who will be ready to market themselves as such. Jef Menguin, an inspirational speaker in the Philippines, warned people those who aspire to become motivational speakers about this. Authentic speakers will always have the humility to know that they are not commodities to be qualified as best. You can read the article here -

    I have just read Mr Jef Menguin's website. Our company has not invited him yet, but I suggest that you visit his blog to find out why he is very passionate in helping people. He himself is now training inspirational speakers in the Philippines. You should ask him.

    His website is

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