Where can I find free airline tickets in Shanghai?

by Guest20753423  |  10 years ago

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I have currently moved to Shanghai and am not so familiar with the airlines and the trips. As my budget is slightly I would really love some help on free airline tickets like they do in Europe. Also if the airline is compatible I would really love to have my perfect airline that can access all of China, at least the major cities. I also get to be rather busy these days at work and hence I can’t go to airlines office or book a ticket online because it takes my time. Hence a travel agent who books airline tickets for free would be much appreciated?

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  1. oliviatony

     you should look into you will find best rates through it due to this company search and also do a comparison of alot of flight internet sites by couple of steps

  2. John

    First of all China is different from Europe with the best airlines being China Eastern, Hainan Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Shandong Airlines, and China Southern. They have various accommodations for economical to business class passengers and services. Secondly I did not hear of any free airline tickets anywhere in China, although they can get really cheap. Go for the airline, you can getr them from the airline agency immediately if you are in a hurry. Also online bookings are faster and cheaper than most travel agencies. If you wish for cheap travel guide or agency then I will list a few.
    BOHDI Adventures
    Shanghai Outing Club
    STA Travel
    China Culture Center
    Country Holidays
    STA Travel
    Shanghai Great World International Travel Service
    Bigsky Travel
    ABC Ticket & Hotel
    Boda Travel
    My-Tour Travel Shanghai
    Banner Travel Service

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