Which travel agencies in Shanghai are providing adventure travel jobs?

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Hello there

I have done adventure travel jobs before in many cities. Now for some reason I shifted to Shanghai and I have no idea about travel agencies over here. Can anyone please tell me which travel agency offers adventure travel jobs? I am searching a job in some good travel agency. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance

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  1. John


    There are a lot of travel agencies which are exclusively operating in Shanghai and serving at their best. I have visited the city so many times and found a lot of stuff there. It is good to hire a travel agent to avail some mouthwatering opportunities and deals from travel to living in the city. Here is the list of some famous travel agents in the city where you can easily get some job.

    1. China Spring Tour
    2. ShanghaiFocus
    3. Great West Travel
    4. China Spring Tour

    I hope this will help you in understanding the difference with the rest of the travel agencies. You know it is quite important to make a difference between good and bad. I bet you will find some suitable job in Shanghai travel agencies.

    Try is must as you can focus on anyone of these outstanding travel agencies, and can easily get a suitable job. I hope this will help you, still need some more info than do consult me.

    I am happy to be of your help.

    Best of luck.

    Keep enjoying

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