Which theaters will have the Bold Fresh Tour?

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It is supposed to be in theaters January 30, 2010.

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  1. Guest16046773

  2. Guest16045230
    bold fresh tour theaters in glendale,az
  3. Guest16029797
    We live in Orange County CA. Are there any theaters showing it Saturday?
  4. Guest15963348 or go to, click on Bold and Fresh Tour and the next page should have a link for participating theaters across the US. There is also an encore theater presentation on February 2
  5. Guest15932558
  6. Guest15929610
    The first link is for the LIVE showing on Jan. 30. The second link is for the ENCORE showing Feb. 2. The link didn't work when I did this the first time so type the whole thing in yourself if you get an error.
  7. Guest15929610
    The first link is for the LIVE showing on Jan. 30. The second link is for the encore showing Feb. 2.
  8. Guest15929335
    I live near Salt Lake City,Ut. Are there any theators in this area?
  9. Guest15928466
    What theater in NOrthwest Indians will show bold Fresh tour?
  10. Guest15927409
    Will there be a theater near Decatur, Ill having the bold fresh tour
  11. Guest15926875
    Any theaters in S.F. or surrounding Bay Area?
  12. Guest15925053
    I live in San Diego, CA are there any theatres that will be showing Bold Fresh?
  13. Guest15923102
    Orange county, ca
  14. Guest15921796
    theater in Pittsburgh, PA?
  15. Guest15920443
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
  16. Guest15906352
    Click the link for a list of theatres
  17. Guest15905361
    will Pensacola, Florida have any theaters with the Bold Fresh Tour?
  18. Guest15903207
    new jersey
  19. Guest15902224
    will the bold fresh tour be in a theater in tacoma, wa

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