Which sports are been played in Punjab Pakistan?

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Want to know about the sports played in Punjab Pakistan. Please tell me complete details about the sports of Punjab Pakistan.

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    In most villages of Punjab the body strengthening sports are been played like wrestling, running, jumping, weightlifting and such performing arts as of measuring strength by holding wrists, twisting hands. Kabaddi which is another expression of the same spirit has become the mother of games in Punjab. On many festivals and celebrations special events are held for the sports like horse dancing, horse racing, weight lifting, kabbadi. In most part of the Punjab old traditional sports are still played like Neza Bazi, bull racing, horse dancing, dog fighting etc. One of the other favorite thing that people of Punjab like is the hunting locally called as “shikar”. Once children in Punjab likes to play Gilli-Danda', 'Kanche', 'Pitthu gram, hide and seek, Stapu etc. Gilli-Danda is slightly similar to cricket and baseball, the objective of the sport is to use a danda to strike the gilli, just like striking a ball in cricket or baseball. The gilli becomes airborne after it is struck. 'Stapu' is played by two to three female players. Each player throws a stone inside the gallery and pushes it by hopping on a single leg. Pittho Garam' is a game, where the player dislodges seven stones by throwing a ball at a pile of them. The challenge for him is to re-arrange the stones, while other players try and hit the player with the ball. But now these games are no more popular in children’s of Punjab most of them like to play cricket. Volley ball is still played in some areas of Punjab and tournaments are also held for volleyball.

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