What rent is being charged for Master Room in Eunos, Singapore

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My boyfriend is currently residing in Eunos, Singapore with a close relative. Since, he is supposed to be there for at least two years, and cannot live with them for longer, he is looking for a Master Room, most probably on rent. I want to know that how much is the rent of Master Room in the Eunos, Singapore and how can he find a good Master room for affordable prices?

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  1. Danial

    Rent of Master room Eunos, Singapore is variable depending upon the time and availability. I think your boyfriend can have one under 1000, but will need to look carefully for it, as most of the owners are not willing to rent for anything less than 1000. There are some online resources like,, etc where you can find some really good deals. Check out these and I hope you are going to have some good option available!

    By the way it is good idea that your boyfriend is looking for his own accommodation there in Eunos, Singapore. Well, it is good, but not that easy and in most of the cases quite expensive. He first needs to run an online search to find listings of Master rooms for rent in Eunos. I would advise to look into the options that are near to other places, like markets, hospitals etc, so he can save some transportation costs.

  2. Singapore Guide
    Rent of Master Room at is about US$1083 in Eunos, Singapore.

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